Basic Training Descriptions (ADM/AMS/Lightspeed)

ADM Basic Training Descriptions

There are two general ADM trainings to choose from (ADM Basic Training and ADM Dining + Basic Training) These trainings are designed to cover the basic functionality that most operators will make use of. These sessions are a great introduction into ADM to get upskilled quickly. See below for the topics that will be discussed.


ADM Basic Training

  • Checking the connectivity status of kiosks
  • Setting up offline notifications
  • Review of Location Summary page
    • Overview of editable fields within this page
    • How to sync up a kiosk

  • Review of what GMA is/365pay app
  • Product management at the location level and global level (When not using a separate integration that manages products)
    • Learn the difference between Global products and Location specific products
    • How to edit product information
    • How to do price adjustments
    • How to extend products to locations
    • How to create new products
    • ADM - How to Add Edit or Extend a Product

  • Global product changes
  • Inventory management and picklists
    • Learn how to take physical inventories
    • How to setup Mins/Maxes
    • How to generate a picklist to see how much product is needed.
    • Learn how to view current on-hand quantities of products.
    • Learn the 2 different methods in which you can update inventory (Mobile inventory or ADM only)
    • ADM - Managing Products and Picklists

  • Creating reason codes for inventory
  • Creating ADM user accounts
  • Viewing Consumer information/how to add bulk funds
    • Learn how to provide refunds to consumer accounts
    • Learn how to bulk-add funds to consumer accounts
    • ADM - Consumer Management

  • Promotions and Home commercials


ADM Dining + Basic Training

  • Lockers
    • Learn how to manage lockers within ADM
    • Learn the process flow for when customers place an order and choose the lockers as a pick-up location
    • How to view locker statuses and adjust accordingly
    • 365Lockers - ADM Settings



AMS Basic Training Topics

The AMS basic training provides new and existing operators the fundamentals needed to manage their micro markets.  Below are the topics that will be discussed. 

Please Note:

You need a username and password to access the Avanti Help Center, please contact support at for assistance.


Training Topics

  • AMS Dashboard
  • Kiosk Connectivity
    • View dashboard Kiosk offline indicator
    • Review kiosk records, including online/offline activity graph
    • Ability to reboot and send full syncs to kiosks remotely in AMS
    • Setting up Offline Notification
    • Kiosk Network Requirements - Avanti - Network Requirements Documentation 1.92

  • Setting up offline notifications and contact us consumer requests
    • Avanti support can set up any individual within your organization to receive these notifications.
    • Email to activate your team members

  • Customer and location creation
  • Market User management
    • How to create a market user account
    • How to edit consumer balances and review historical transactions
    • How to add bulk funds to consumer accounts
    • How to disable or stale market user accounts
    • Avanti - Stale Market Users

  • Product Management at location and global level (When not using a 3rd party VDI integration)


Lightspeed Basic Training Topics

The Lightspeed basic training will go over the basics of the Lightspeed system to allow operators to get up and running using the system as quick as possible.


Training Topics

Please see the following article for a list of all articles related to Lightspeed Master Article - LightSpeed - External

  • Reporting
  • Settings
  • Processes
  • LightSpeed Administration Page (Full Training) *