ADM - How to Create User Accounts


This article explains how to create a new user account in ADM


Create User Account

  1. Log into ADM

  2. Click the Admin tab.

  3. Select User and Roles from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click Create New.

  5. Fill out the fields in the Add User page.

  • Default Org – only applicable if you have multibranch access. This will determine what Org you will be on when logging into ADM.
  • PIN – Unique number used for logging into the backend of the kiosk. (To access the backend of the kiosk, tap the upper left-hand corner of the kiosk screen, a PIN pad will pop up to type in your PIN)
  1. Choose the Orgs to which the account user will have access.

  2. Choose the location(s) where the account user will have access.

Note: You can type “ALL” for access to every location in the Org, instead of typing in each one individually.


Manage User and Roles

In this tab, you can set permissions for what the account user can see and do on the ADM website.

  1. Choose the security role you want to add to the account.

  2. Click Add Role to User to apply that role to the account. 

  3. Select the Manage Roles tab if you want to customize what the users with that role can see and do. (optional).


 These are the three pre-set roles:

  • Operator – Allows full Read and Write access to the ADM website.
  • Reporter – Allows View only access to the ADM website.
  • Driver – Allows for limited Read and Write access that pertain to Driver roles.

In the Manage Roles tab, you can select a pre-set role or create a new role.     

  1. Click on any of the existing roles to see the permissions for that role.

  2. Select that role or change the permissions to customize it and create a new role.
    Click Create New Role on the right of the page and create a new role by customizing the permissions.



Manage Password

This tab allows you to send password resets to anyone’s account.

  1. Click Send Password Reset to email a user with a link that will allow them to reset their password.

  2. You can also manually reset a password for a user.