ADM - Consumer Management


This article explains how an operator can manage their consumers using ADM. Consumer accounts house consumer account information, such as:

  • Whether a fingerprint is associated with the account
  • Associated market cards
  • Account purchase and funding history
  • Account adjustments
  • and more


Create New Consumer

  1. Log into ADM.
  2. In the upper-right hand corner of ADM, select the organization or branch where the consumer will be located from the drop-down menu.

  3. Once the Location List page has loaded for the org/branch, click the Admin tab. Then select Consumer from the drop-down menu.

  4. The Consumer Search page will display. Click the Create New button in the upper-right hand corner.

  5. The Create Consumer page will display. Enter the following information at minimum:
    1. Select the consumer’s home location from the Location drop-down
    2. Enter the consumer's First Name, Last Name, and Email 

  6. Click the blue Create | Invite button.


  7. A pop-up message will display confirming the account has been created.


  8. The Consumer Summary page for the newly created consumer account will display. The consumer will now have to complete the setup on their end.



Account Creation - Consumer Experience

  1. Once a consumer account is created in ADM, the consumer will receive an email to complete their account setup. The consumer will need to click the FINISH MY ACCOUNT SETUP button to set their password and PIN.

  2. Once the consumer clicks the button labeled FINISH MY ACCOUNT SETUP, they will be redirected to

  3. The Create Account page will now display for the consumer. They will need to select their country from the Select Your Country drop-down menu.


  4. Once the consumer has selected their country, they will then:
    1. Create their password for the website and mobile app
    2. Create their PIN for the kiosk
    3. Choose whether they want the website/mobile app to require a PIN (in addition to a password) to log into their account on the device they are using.
    4. Accept the Terms and Conditions

  5. Once the consumer has created their password and PIN, the Demographics page will display. These fields are optional. If the consumer would like to skip this portion, they can click the Next button.

  6. The Add Credit Card page will display. The consumer can select the Add Later button to skip this step for now, or they can provide their credit card information and select the Next button. 

    • If the customer provided their credit card information, they can also choose to Setup autofunding at this time, so their account always has funds available. 



Search for a Consumer

  1. Log into ADM.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the blue banner at the top of the screen. Then select Consumer from the drop-down menu.

  3. The Consumer Search page will display.
    • Search By - You can choose to search by Name, Email, Scancode, Market ID, or Any.
    • Search - Enter the data that you would like to search for. If you leave this field blank, all accounts under the location(s) specified will display.
    • Locations - This will default to All. You can change this if you would like to search for a consumer under one specific location.
    • Status - You can choose to search by ActiveClosed, or All account statuses.

  4. Once you have entered the search parameters, click the blue Go button. The accounts will display beneath the search fields. 

  5. Click the name of the consumer whose account you want to edit.

  6. The Consumer Summary page for that specific end-user will display.



Edit Consumer Information

    1. Search for a Consumer as you did previously, and navigate to the Consumer Summary page for the consumer you would like to edit.

    2. You can edit the consumer's general information from this page, such as their name, email address, phone number, PIN (must be four digits), or account balance. Operators can add funds but cannot deduct. 

    3. For further information on editing or adding information on this page, see the sections below.


Market Cards

From the consumer's account summary page, you will see a Market Cards section. You can disable an existing market card or add a market card.


Add a Market Card

  1. Under the Market Cards section, click the blue Add Market Card button.

  2. A pop-up will display. The Disabled drop-down menu should remain on the default No selection. Enter the number for the market card in the Scancode field. When finished, select the blue Save button.



Disable a Market Card

  1. You should see the scancode listed in the Market Card section. Click the market card.

  2. A pop-up will display. Select Yes from the Disabled drop-down menu.

    ADM - Consumer management - disableing market card
  3. Click the blue Save button. 
    The card will now be disabled for the consumer, and will no longer function for them unless it is enabled again. It will remain on the list of market cards unless it is removed. 


Remove a Market Card

  1. Select the Market card you would like to remove. 

  2. The Edit Market Card pop-up will now display. Select the Remove button. 

  3. A new pop-up will appear, warning that removing a market card cannot be undone. If you are certain, select Remove

    ADM - Consumer Management - Remove market card warning.png
  4. The market card will no longer be listed on the consumer's account. 


Balance History

The Balance History section will list all purchases and funding events for a consumer's account - detailing the transaction type, date/time, location, and amount of the purchase/funding. The consumer can fund their account via mobile app, the website, or at the kiosk.

Clicking on the blue Transaction ID for a specific purchase will show further details.

  • In the transaction details, the Account Method field will show the method the consumer used for their account purchase.
    • 365Pay
    • Email
    • Scancode
    • Fingerprint
    • QR Code



Account Adjustments

The Account Adjustments section will list any account balance adjustment that was made by a staff member via ADM.



Loyalty History

The Loyalty History section will list any time the consumer earned or redeemed loyalty points.



Payout and Close

Performing a payout and close will permanently remove the account and account identifiers from the system. Refer to the article ADM - Payout & Close for instructions and information on this process.