ADM Tax Mapping and Creating Tax Rates


This guide will review how to create tax rates, tax categories, and how to map taxes to a location.


How Tax Rates and Categories Work in ADM

Tax Rates and Categories are mapped to a location. Any product with the same Tax Category that is mapped to a location, will receive the corresponding tax rate that is linked to that category.

Tax Categories are not the actual tax rate but instead can be linked to any different rate that you create. This allows for complete control over how your taxes are set up in ADM for different cities and states.

Example: You can have a Tax Category called "Taxable" and you mapped it to one location with a rate of 5%. You can also use that same Tax Category at another location and link a different tax rate to it, such as 6%. So the products that have the Tax Category of "Taxable" will receive a 5% rate at one location and a 6% rate at the other location.

Note: Your tax level must be set to Tax Category to view the Tax Mapping tab. If it is set to Item Level Tax, you will not see this tab. (365 Support or Implementation can adjust Tax Levels if needed.)


Creating a Tax Category

  1. Click on the Admin tab in the main menu bar in ADM.
  2. Select Category from the drop-down menu. The Category List page displays.
  3. Click on Create New.
  4. Enter the following information when creating a new Tax Category:
    • Name of your Category
    • Type = TAXCAT
    • Seqnbr = 0 (default setting)
  5. Click Save when finished.

You can now map this category to locations and link it to products.



Creating a Tax Rate

  1. Click on the Admin tab in the main menu bar in ADM.

  2. Select Tax from the drop-down menu. The Tax List screen will display.

  3. Click the Create New button on the right. A pop-up window will display.

  4. Enter a description in the Description field. (This will name the tax rate.)
  5. Click Save. The Tax List screen will display again.

  6. Click the name of the new tax you just created. The Tax Rates screen will display.

  7. Click Add Rate. A pop-up window will display with three fields.

  8. Complete all fields. (If you only have one tax rate, put a zero in the field for the other rates.)
  9. Click Save. The Tax Rates screen will display again.

  10. Click Save. The Tax List screen will display again. You have created a new tax category and set up a rate for it.



Mapping a Tax Rate to a Location

  1. Click the Location tab in ADM.

  2. Click on the name of the location you want to update. The Location Summary page will display.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Tax Mapping tab.

  4. Click Add Mapping. A pop-up window will display:

    • In the Tax Category field, choose the category that you have previously created and applied to products.
      • The category you choose pulls from the Admin > Category section in ADM, and needs to first be applied to products in the global product list in order for it to properly map:

    • In the Rate field, choose a rate that will be linked to that category.
      • Tax Rates are found within Admin->Tax, and are tied to a specific tax percentage:

5. Click Save, then go back into the location and push a Full Sync:

6. You will now see the tax category you have mapped along with the rate under the Tax Mapping tab



Note: One or more tax categories and tax rates need to be set up to be able to use the Tax Mapping tab. Additionally, your Tax Level must also be set to Tax Category in the organization settings to be able to set tax categories and rates.