365Pay App - Operator Guide

Introduction to the 365Pay® app

The 365Pay Smartphone app allows consumers to purchase products at various locations that use the Global Market Account (GMA). This app is flexible and easy to use whether purchasing items from a vending machine or a MicroMarket. This document explains how to set up the app and use it at various locations.




Download and Install the 365Pay app

  1. Download the 365Pay App from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

    Icon image
  2. Once the download is complete, you may open the app. 


Create An Account

Since 365Pay accounts can be created via the app or the kiosk, and your employer may have already created an account for you, there are many options available when opening the app for the first time. 


I have never used this app. I have an account from my employer, or I have made a kiosk account. 

  1. Tap I've never used this app.

  2. Tap Link Existing Account.

  3. Use one of the following methods:
    • Scan QR code from Kiosk: If you have an account on the kiosk and are physically at the kiosk, log into the kiosk account. You will see a QR code that you can scan in order to link the existing kiosk account to the app.
    • Scan Market Card: If your employer provided you with a market card, use this option to scan the market card in order to link the existing kiosk account to the app.
    • Manually enter Email & PIN: If your employer provided you with kiosk credentials or if you created an account directly on the kiosk, use this option to link the existing kiosk account to the app.


I have never used this app. I don't have an account made by my employer, and I haven't made a kiosk account. 

  1. Tap I've never used this app.

  2. Tap Create Account.

  3. Enter your email address and tap Click here to continue.

  4. Click OK. Then navigate to your email inbox and select the link provided to finish creating your account. Clicking the link provided in the email sent will redirect you back to the app to finish setting up your account.
    Select your country and click Next.

  5. Enter all required information, then agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and click Next.
    Note: You can click on the linked text to view the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

  6. The Demographics screen is optional. To skip, tap Add Later.

  7. You can add a credit/debit card to use as a funding method for your account. To do so, fill in all fields and tap Next. To skip, tap Add Later.


I've used this app, and I'm logging back in

Please note that the app account password is not the PIN used for setting up for the kiosk account.

  1. Tap I've used this app.

  2. Click Sign In.

  3. Enter the email address you created the app account with and click Continue.

  4. Enter your password and click Continue.

  5. You will be signed in and directed to the app's Home tab.



Manage Account

Tap the Settings icon in the bottom, right corner of the app to access the Settings section. In the Settings section you can:

  • View or Change Personal Info (name, email, etc.)
  • View your purchase history
  • Manage your payment methods
  • Change password or PIN
  • View the Help (FAQ) section
  • Contact 365 Support from the Help section
  • Sign out

    365 Pay App - Account settings - Dallas Location


Using the App

The 365Pay app allows customers to make purchases directly from their phones. 



Customers can also use the app to reorder items. If any items or modifiers are not available at the time of reordering, the app will alert them and allow them to make a different selection.

Recent Orders - selections have changed


Pay using Bluetooth connection (365Inside)

  1. Verify that Bluetooth is turned on.

  2. Log in to the mobile app.

  3. Tap the Shop icon to see if you are in range of any market Beacons.

  4. View the Planogram and nutritional information for any products at the kiosk.


    Select the Machine OR tap Add Credit to Machine to send credit to the vending machine to make a purchase. To add an Order Ahead location, refer to the Order Ahead Consumer Experience section of this document.

    365Pay App - Locations Page


Pay using QR code (AirVend, MicroMarket)

  1. Log in to the mobile app.

  2. Select the items you want to purchase and bring them to the kiosk.

  3. Scan the QR code under the red light at AirVend or MicroMarket.

  4. Finish answering the screen prompts to complete your purchase.

Pay using Shopping Cart functionality (MicroMarket, NanoMarket)

  1. Log in to the mobile app.

  2. Select the location you want from the Shop icon.

  3. Scan your product(s).

  4. Select Checkout to purchase the item(s).



Accessibility Features

The 365Pay App offers many accessibility features, such as:

  • screen reader compatibility for both Android and iOS devices

  • a high contrast design to ensure visibility 

  • a high degree of zoom to magnify text and increase readability

    Accessibility feature - 400 times zoom.png

These features are designed to integrate with your existing Android and iOS Accessibility settings. 


Signing Up for Payroll Deduct

If your home location recently enabled Payroll Deduct, the “Payroll Deduct Now Available” prompt will display the next time you enter the app. 

  1. Open the 365Pay app on your mobile phone.

  2. A prompt will appear, saying that Payroll Deduct is now available to be managed.  

  3. Tap Yes. The Payroll Deduct screen will display showing either of the screens below, depending on your status.

  4. Tap the Payroll Deduct Authorization Agreement link. The Payroll Deduct Agreement screen will display.



Adding Payroll Deduct as a Payment Method

  1. Tap the blue dollar sign button at the bottom of the screen. A pop-up window will display, showing your abbreviated credit card number and other information. Tap your card number. A small pop-up window will display.

  2. Tap Add New Payment. The Payment screen will display, showing that your request to use Payroll Deduct is either pending or active.



Add Funds 

Once you have added funding methods, you are now able to add funds to your account. 


Adding Funds via Quick Fund

  1. Tap the wallet button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. A pop-up window will display, showing a suggested amount and payment method. You may adjust the amount as desired, and select a different payment method tapping the payment drop-down menu. 

  3. Select the Add button. 


Adding Funds via Auto Reload

  1. Tap the wallet button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. A pop-up window will display, showing the Quick Fund Payment options. It will also show the Auto Reload button. Select this option. 

    365Pay App - Quick Fund settings.png
  3. The Auto Reload settings page will now appear. From this page, you may enter the amount you would like added to your account each time, the threshold at which more funds should be added, and the method of funding. When you have changed these settings as desired, select the Save button. 

    365Pay App - Auto Reload options.png


Order Ahead Consumer Experience

Note: The consumer needs to have the app installed and have their account registered. See Download and Install the 365Pay app or Create Account if needed.

When your location is enabled with Order Ahead, your consumers will need to know the Location Code for your location. This will be provided by the 365 Implementation team for you to provide to your consumers. When the consumer has a registered account and has a location code, they can follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the 365Pay app.

  2. Select the Shop button at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Select Link Location.

  4. Enter the six-digit Location Code provided by the organization.

  5. Select the desired location.


  6. Select a pickup time.

  7. When a pickup time has been selected, the menu options will display. Consumers can search by typing key words in the Search field or by sliding through the categories on the menu and selecting the item(s) they want to order.

    Note: If an item has modifiers (toppings, condiments, etc.), they will display after the item has been selected. When the consumer has adjusted the modifiers to their liking, they should tap Add Item.

  8. A small icon will display at the bottom of the screen indicating that items have been added to their cart. Consumers should select that icon to checkout.


  9. At this time, consumers can change to another pickup time, as long as it is still available. When they have verified that their order is all set, they should select Checkout.

  10. The consumer will be prompted to choose an email receipt if they want one.

  11. Select Done. When the consumer selects Done, the order is sent to the ReadyTouch device and eventually to the CKDS.

  12. The consumer will receive the following messages from the app as their order is received and prepared:
    • Order Received = Order is placed but prior to the lead time, it has not been sent to the CKDS
    • Preparing Order = Order is sent to CKDS (pickup time - lead time).
    • Order Ready = Order is bumped

Consumer’s Experience in the Café

  1. If the location has a Now Serving screen, the screen will display the consumer orders as they come into the CKDS. Orders will not be shown on the Now Serving screen until they display on the CKDS.   


  2. When the consumer order is ready or the kitchen staff needs to ask a clarifying question, the consumer’s order disappear from the Preparing section, and appear on the Now Serving section of the screen.
    - The Order will be prominently displayed at the top of the Now Serving screen.
    - When the consumer has responded to the order call and the order is handed to them, the consumer’s order will be removed from the Now Serving screen.



I don't see any Machines in the Machines list, what should I do?

Verify that Bluetooth is turned on in the mobile device settings.


Can I still make a purchase if I have no funds loaded on my account?

Yes. When you connect to the machine, you will be presented with two options:

  • Make a one-time purchase, which will apply the charge directly to the credit card on file.
  • Add funds to your account, which will allow you to recharge your account to make the purchase.


How do I view the Planogram for a Vending Machine?

Tap on the yellow square icon to the right of the Machine name on the Machines list.


How do I view the nutritional information for a product I would like to vend?

Tap on the yellow square icon to the right of the Machine name on the Machines list, then click on the product image to view the nutritional information for that product.


Can I view details of purchases I have made in the past?


  1. Go to Account Settings by tapping on the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  2. Select Account History to view previous purchases.


If you tap on a purchase, another screen will open detailing what item(s) were purchased and any taxes that were included in the purchase. You can also filter between purchases and funds by selecting Purchases or Funding depending on what you want.


Can I delete a credit card after it has been added to my account?


  1. Go to Account Settings.

  2. Tap the Manage Cards link.

  3. Select the credit card you would like to delete.

  4. Tap the Delete Card button at the bottom of the screen.


As an Operator, can I use this app to manage my vending machines? 

No. This functionality was formerly available on the 365Pay app, but these settings have been moved to the 365Ops App, which is discussed in the Operator Guide under the Vending Settings section.