MM6 - Spec Sheets and Hardware Information


The MM6 is a 365 Micro Market solution ideal for high-touch, high-traffic locations. This device is packed with features that will make your breakroom experience better than ever.

Many types of software can be used by this device:

  • The MM6-RT uses ReadyTouch software
  • The MM6-CK uses CK Software
  • The MM6 Markets uses V5 Software

This article will cover the hardware and specs of this device, no matter the software type. The PDF of this spec sheet can be found in the attachments of this article. 

For information on the setup process, please see the MM6 - Setup and Installation Guide. For information on the MM6 Mini, please see MM6 Mini - Spec Sheets and Hardware Components


MM6 Kiosk

The MM6 device with a blank screen


General Information

  • Housing: Scratch-resistant ABS with UV cap. Internal components are inside a secure full metal enclosure.
  • Internal Access Method:  Easy-open chassis leads to faster servicing
  • Communication: Ethernet RJ45
  • Dimensions: 29.75" tall x 13.5" wide x 15.5" deep
  • Power: 120V AC 3-prong grounded outlet (15 amp service)
  • Weight: 78 lbs total unboxed (92 lbs total boxed)
    • Kiosk: 51 lbs unboxed (59 lbs boxed)
    • Expansion Unit: 27 lbs unboxed (33 lbs boxed)

MM6 with expansion unit and all access ports opened


Key Components

Purpose Component Description
Data Processing Actineon Silent 11G PC High-speed, lightweight, ultra-quiet industrial PC
Input 22” MicroTouch touchscreen Mounted in portrait format
Scanner Zebra barcode scanner High-volume scanner capable of reading most barcodes, including 1D, 2D, QR, and direct part marks; reads barcodes presented on any surface.
Battery Backup Cyberpower UPS Provides uninterrupted service when power is disrupted
Security Camera Fisheye webcam 185° view and high-resolution lens to deter theft
Sound HP Sound Bar Internal kiosk speakers prompt customers to return canceled items
Connectivity  Cisco Meraki Z3C Creates a secure network between devices and 365 Servers
Authentication Digital Persona fingerprint reader Allows for easy access to your market account and faster login
Credit Card Reader iUC 285 For use with ReadyTouch MM6
Castle UPT1000F For use with MM6 CK
Castle UPT1000F For use with MM6 Markets


Optional Hardware Components

XP6 Expansion Unit 

The MM6 XP6 expansion unit is an optional peripheral device, which allows it to accept cash and print receipts. 

  • Total Dimensions: 29.75" tall x 20" wide x 15.5" deep

MM6 with Expansion Unit


The XP6 expansion unit includes:

Purpose Component Description
Receipt Printer Epson M296A High-Quality POS Printer
Up-Stacker/ bill validator Innovative Tech NV-9 Vertical 600-note cassette; accepts $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 bills


Other Optional Components

More components can also be used in conjunction with the MM6 device, including:

For the CK and Dining versions of this device, other peripherals can also be used. See the 365Dining - Order Ahead Operator Guide for more information. 

  • Kitchen Display System (KDS) 
  • Bump Bar (used with the KDS)
  • AOpen PC (used with the NowServing screen)