365Beacon - Operator Guide


365Ops is a new mobile application that allows operators to self-provision Beacons as devices. Operators will be able to add new beacons to an existing or new location and relocate previously provisioned Beacons. 

NOTE: This is only applicable to new Beacons. Legacy Beacons in the field will not communicate with the 365Ops app and cannot be relocated. See Legacy Beacons vs New Beacons for information on how to determine whether a Beacon is legacy or new.


Legacy Beacons vs New Beacons

  • Legacy Beacon: Any Beacon that was shipped from 365 before September 3, 2021.
  • New Beacon: Any Beacon that was shipped from 365 starting September 3, 2021.


How to Determine if Your Beacon Is Legacy or New

The Beacon ID will be the identifier to let you know if your Beacon is Legacy or not. This can be found on a sticker on the Beacon itself.

  • Legacy Beacons: Any Beacon with 7 or MORE leading zeros, followed by a 5-digit ID.
    • Legacy Beacon ID Example: 0000000XXXXX
  • New Beacon: Any Beacon with 6 or LESS leading zeros, followed by a 6-digit ID.
    • New Beacon ID Example: 000000XXXXXX

Legacy Beacons: If there are multiple Beacons at one location, they will all have the SAME Beacon ID and appear as 1 device in the system.


Using 365Ops to Manage and Deploy Beacons

This new way to provision Beacons is meant to simplify the process, while also allowing operators to bulk order Beacons and add them to locations as they wish. This document explains how to manage Beacons based on different scenarios.


Download and Install the 365Ops App

  1. Download 365Ops from App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Open.


Logging in to Your Account

  1. On the login screen, you will receive a pop-up requesting the use of Bluetooth on your device. Tap OK. The app MUST be able to use Bluetooth to recognize any Beacons within range.
  2. The 365Ops app uses the same login credentials used for accessing ADM. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Tap LOGIN.


Self-Provisioning One or More Beacon Devices

See 365Beacon - Self-Provisioning Guide steps on self-provisioning and relocating Beacons.


Beacons in ADM

Beacons will appear in the Device section on the Location Summary page within ADM.

  • Legacy Beacons will appear here; however, because Legacy Beacons can have more than one device with the same assigned ID, you will only see ONE device listed in ADM, although there could be multiple.
  • New Beacons will all have a unique Beacon ID and appear individually within the device section in ADM.



Beacon Device Summary Page

When a Beacon is selected from the Location Summary page, you will be taken to the Device Summary page, where you will see the details shown in the below screenshot.




Click HERE to view the 365Beacon FAQs.