Avanti - Remote Camera Viewing Instructions


The DVRs in your kiosk may be remotely accessed by using a secure VPN and DVR client.  You will need to install the VPN client and a DVR client before you can access your cameras remotely.  The VPN client is Hamachi.  The DVR client will vary based on the DVR model; Nuvico DVRs use the CMS Lite client while Samsung DVRs may use either the SmartViewer client or Internet Explorer.  


Installing Hamachi

Contact Avanti Markets Support ( and request an installation link and password.  The link will be emailed to you at your email address registered in MMS (you will only have to use this once).

Open the link from the computer you would like to access the DVRs from.  Check the box and click continue.  


You will be prompted to download an installer. 


  Once you have downloaded the installer go to your downloads folder and run the installer. 


Go through the setup wizard, use the default options. You should see the Hamachi icon in your system tray (bottom right hand corner of the screen).


You can open the client by double clicking the icon image2016-12-15_12-54-27.png in the system tray, from the desktop shortcut, or through the start menu (start > all program > Logmein Hamachi). Once the Hamachi client is open you will see a list of all of your kiosks and other computers you have installed Hamachi on.  


You may also see some computers named XXX – Avanti Support, these belong to the Avanti Markets Support team.  If you are missing a kiosk or need to have a computer removed from the network please contact Avanti Markets Support ( 

Accessing a DVR

You will use the IP address of the kiosk in Hamachi to access the DVR. Once you have the IP address the connection method will depend on what model of DVR you have in the kiosk.

To get the IP address of the kiosk open Hamachi, the IP address will be displayed to the right of the kiosk name. For the kiosk Avanti-Portland we can see the IP is


You can right-click the kiosk and choose Copy IPv4 address. 


Nuvico DVRs

To access Nuvico DVRs you will need to use CMS Lite. The credentials have not changed.   

Nuvico EVL-400

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 000000

In the IP and Port field enter the IP address for the kiosk that is displayed in Hamachi followed by :4423  



Samsung DVRs

Samsung DVRs can be accessed using either Internet Explorer or the Samsung SmartViewer application.  The user name and password are the same for both methods. 

Samsung SRD-440 

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 4321 

Samsung SRD-443

  • Username: admin
  • Password: a1234567

Samsung SRD-493

  • Username: admin
  • Password: kiosk13579

Using Internet Explorer

Enter the IP address for the kiosk from Hamachi into the address bar of Internet Explorer preceded by http:// and followed by :4422 Below is an example: 



You will be prompted for a user name and password on the login page  


Using Samsung SmartViewer

Please see SmartViewer Installation & User Guide for complete instructions.


  • Hamachi shows my organization name but does not list any of my kiosks. Your Hamachi account has not been fully activated by Avanti Support - you will need to contact Avanti Support and include the computer name as listed on your Hamachi application - this is the text just to the right of the large power button, above the IP address.
  • A kiosk is greyed out in Hamachi. This indicates the kiosk either has no internet connection, or a local network issue is preventing it from communicating with Hamachi. Please first confirm whether the kiosk is appearing online in AMS - if not, the first step will be to confirm the kiosk is not simply powered off. If the kiosk is confirmed online but still greyed out in Hamachi, you will need to call in to support so that we can troubleshoot further.
  • A kiosk is showing green in Hamachi, but I still can't connect to it. Please first confirm all of your settings including username, password, and port in SmartViewer, and try the Connection Test button again after doing so. A secondary way of testing your connection to the DVR is to visit http://[DVR IP]:4422/ in Internet Explorer as detailed above. If you are still unable to connect to the DVR, please call or email Avanti Support and we will assist further.
  • The timestamps on DVR recordings are wrong. The DVR may be set to the wrong time zone; you do have the ability to correct this yourself either directly at the DVR itself, or by using the Device Setup Page in the settings window of SmartViewer, but the process can be complicated so you can feel free to email us at support and we can make the necessary adjustment.
  • One of my cameras is not showing up on the DVR. This indicates either a wiring issue or the use of an incompatible camera. Please check all cable connections on-site and call in to support for further instructions if necessary.
  • The kiosk screen feed is fuzzy, stretched, or black and white. The configuration of the Sewell video converter device in the kiosk is incorrect; this will need to be fixed on-site using the physical buttons on the device. Please call in to support for help with this if necessary.
  • The kiosk screen feed is sideways. This is expected functionality, as kiosk screens are actually mounted in the kiosk sideways. Unfortunately we currently do not have a workaround for this.