Barcode Scanner Programming Sheets


Occasionally, the barcode scanner for a 365 kiosk may need to be reprogrammed. You can download the appropriate programming sheet for your market from the left-hand side of this page.

  • You can download the sheet(s) to your phone and then open and scan the barcodes in descending order right from your phone.
    • If there are issues scanning, try turning the brightness on your phone all the way up.


When to Reprogram?

  • The most common issue that can occur with barcode scanner is that the scanner fails to press the "Enter" key, which does not input the UPC into the Point of Sale Software upon scanning.
    • For this issue, use the 5 step Symbol LS2208 sheet or the 6 step Motorola DS457 sheet if the scanner was already reprogrammed before.

  • For AVI Food Systems Legacy MicroMarket barcode scanners, use the 8 digit to 12 digit barcode sheet.

  • For Honeywell Dining Barcode Scanner use Programming Sheet-USB, Trigger Mode and More.