365Ops App Operator Guide


The 365 Ops app (365 Operator app) has been enhanced to provide operators the ability to get specific data points about their locations and the ability to self-provision Beacons as devices.


Get the App and Log In

Download/Install the 365Ops App

  1. Download 365Ops from App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Open.


Logging in to Your Account

  1. On the login screen, you will receive a pop-up requesting the use of Bluetooth on your device. Tap OK. The app MUST be able to use Bluetooth to recognize any Beacons within range.
  2. The 365Ops app uses the same login credentials used for accessing ADM. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Tap LOGIN.


How to Use the App

Home Tab Overview

Upon logging into the 365Ops app, you will be taken to the Home tab. This section of the guide provides an overview of the information available and how to navigate within this tab. From the Home tab, you can see:

  • Any organizations you are linked to
  • Once the org is selected, you will see all locations under that org and financial information for all the locations combined in the gray banner.
  • Device connectivity status next to the org/location name that indicate the number of devices online, offline, or in local mode
  • Once the location is selected, the location data.
  • Once a device is selected, the device data.

For further information on each screen within the Home tab, view the subsections below:


If you do not see an org or location that you should have access to, reach out to your management team to ensure your account is linked to the org/location in ADM.


View Device Connectivity Status / Reboot Device

Device connectivity status symbols will display next to the org and location names on the Home tab.

The color of the symbol indicates connectivity status and the number represents the number of devices in that particular status.

  • Red = Offline

  • Yellow = Local

  • Green = Online
  1. Tap the org, then tap a specific location to display the location information screen.

  2. In the Devices section, the name of each device linked to the location will show along with the device connectivity status. Tap the desired device to view the device info and connectivity chart.
  3. This screen will display the following:
    1. Current device connectivity status in the upper right

    2. Full Sync button allows you to sync information from the device to ADM and vice versa
      (does not work when device is offline)

    3. Reboot button allows you to remotely restart the device
      (does not work when device is offline)

    4. Device Info such as Last Full Sync, Serial Number, Deploy Date, Last Credit Card Purchase, Last Account Purchase, and Last Cash Purchase.

    5. Device Connectivity chart
      • This chart can be filtered by hours or days (max of 7).
      • The colored segments on the chart indicate the connectivity status timeframes.


Beacon Tab Overview

For more information on the Beacon tab, refer to the 365Beacon - Operator Guide.


Inventory Tab Overview

The Inventory tab will redirect you to the website. For more information on inventory, refer to the ADM - How to Use the Mobile Inventory App guide.