365Ops App Operator Guide


The 365Ops app (365 Operator app) provides many features that operators can use to manage their locations and devices. Some of these features include rebooting and syncing, checking device connectivity status, total daily revenue, and more. 

This app also provides key functionality for some products. Devices such as the 365Beacon use this app in the self-provisioning process. The PicoVend Mini uses this app for vending services, such as adjusting inventory and performing test vends. 


General ADM Features on the 365Ops App

Installing and Logging into your ADM Account

  1. Download 365Ops from App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, you may open the app. 
  3. Select the ADM Login option. The 365Ops app uses the same login credentials used for accessing ADM. Enter your email address and password.
  4. Tap LOGIN.


Home Tab Settings

Upon logging into the 365Ops app, you will be taken to the Home tab. From the Home tab, you have access to a variety of settings, which are described below. 

If you do not see an org or location that you should have access to, reach out to your management team to ensure your account is linked to the org/location in ADM.


Organization Information 

Any organizations you are linked to will appear on the home tab when you log into the app. 


Tap on an org name to select it, and you will now see all Locations tied to that org. You will also find the combined financial information for all the locations in a gray banner (see screenshot). This financial data can be configured by Org to display or not display. This must be configured by 365.

You may also access the Product Information from this screen.


Location Data

Once the location is selected from the Organization list, the location data will be visible. Here you will find the Device Connectivity Status of all devices at that location, and you may tap on the name of a device to view more Device Data


Device Data

Once a device has been selected, the device data is available. This shows the Device Connectivity Status, as well as the date and time of the last full sync, the serial number, and the display date. 


Device Connectivity Status

Device connectivity status is displayed next to the org or location name, and is also visible from the Device Data page. It indicates the number of devices online, offline, or in local mode. 

The color of the symbol indicates connectivity status and the number represents the number of devices in that particular status.

  • Red = Offline

  • Yellow = Local mode

  • Green = Online


Product Information 

You can find Product information under the organization view. 



You can see more information about a product by selecting the name. This will show you the product's category, scancodes, locations,  price, tax codes, and much more. 



Some product details can be edited from this screen. For example, you may change the image for the product by selecting the camera button, which will allow the app to take a photo from your phone's camera.


365Beacon Features

The 365Beacon tab on the 365Ops app allows the operator to manage and self-provision these devices. For more information on the Beacon tab, refer to the 365Beacon - Operator Guide.

Please note that Bluetooth functionality must be enabled to access the Beacon devices via this app. 


Inventory Settings

The Inventory tab will redirect you to the website. For more information on inventory, refer to the ADM - How to Use the Mobile Inventory App guide.


Vending Features

This functionality was formerly part of the 365Pay app. For more information regarding the Pay Apps features, please see the 365Pay App Operator Guide.


The 365Ops app allows an operator to log in using their AVLive account to access vending settings. This is available for PicoVend Mini devices. The 365Ops app will connect via Bluetooth to PicoVend Mini devices within a range of a few feet. 

Interactive Demo

Follow the steps in this interactive demo, which is also available at Vending Features Demo: 365Ops App. You may also continue reading the written instructions below, beginning with Login and Select Device.


Login and Select Device

  1. Open the 365Ops app and select AVLive Login
  2. Once you have logged in and allowed the app to access your Bluetooth, you will see a list of the devices within range. You may select the name of the device to go to the settings page for that machine, or you may select the Camera icon to the left of the device name to add a photo of the device. 

Vending Machine Settings

Once you have selected the device you would like to manage, the Vending Machine Settings screen will appear. The settings found on this and the following screens apply to only the device you have selected previously. In this example, it is for the device named Quick Snacks. 



This page informs you of the service status of the device, and provides the following settings options: Device settings, Adjust Inventory, and Test Vendwhich are all described below. 


Device Settings

From the Device Settings screen, you have a number of options. These include unlinking the device, running VMC diagnostics, rebooting the device, and putting the device into Service Mode. 


When you are done here, you may select the Back arrow in the upper left-hand corner to go back to the vending machine settings page. 


Adjust Inventory

Selecting Adjust Inventory from the vending machine settings page will allow you to manage the items inside your vending machine. As shown in the screenshot below, you will see a grid list of all of the items that are currently in your vending machine. 



Selecting the image for the product you would like to adjust brings you to a new page, where you can change the price or quantity of the product as needed. 



By selecting the Change Product option from that page, you can also replace the item with a different one. This is useful when restocking with different products. 


Once you have made changes to your device's inventory, you may select the Back arrow in the upper left-hand corner to go back to the vending machine settings page. 


Test Vend

Selecting the Test Vend option from the vending machine settings page will allow you to troubleshoot any issues with your vending device. Once this option is selected, you will have 30 seconds to choose up to $5 worth of products from your device. 



The device will act as it normally would during a standard purchase, allowing you to check for blockages to snack coils, pick-up boxes, etc. 

Select Cancel on this page to end the test vend early and go back to the vending machine settings page. 


Other Settings

By selecting the three-line menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, you can open the main menu of the app.


This menu lets you change your password or log out of the app.