Stockwell 2.0 - Market Service Mode and Restocking Process - USA


This article explains how to unlock the Stockwell device, restock it, and view the planogram. 

For information on Premium Pushers, which are an upgrade to the restocking process, please see the article Stockwell 2.0 - Shelf Dividers and Premium Pushers.


Service Images on 365Ops App

Devices in the Stockwell product line have additional management features in the 365Ops app. These features allow operators to take service images of the device during the restocking process.

For information on other features of this app, please see the 365Ops App Operator Guide

  1. Download the 365Ops app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Once installed, you may open the app. 

  3. Select the ADM Login option. The 365Ops app uses the same login credentials used for accessing ADM. Enter your email address and password.

  4. Tap LOGIN.

  5. Select the name of your Organization, then the name of the Location of your device. Then, navigate to the Device Data screen for the device in question by selecting the name of the device.

  6. On the Device Details screen of the app, you will see tab options above the Full Sync and Restart buttons, which are unavailable for devices outside the Stockwell product line. These tabs are Info and Service Images. Select the Service Images option. 

    365Ops App - Device Details Screen for a Stockwell Device.png
  7. You will now see the Service Images Tab. From this tab, you can review previous service records, or create new ones. 
    To create a new service record, select New Service Image. 

    365Ops App - Device Details - Service Images Tab for a Stockwell Device.png
  8. You will now begin the three-step process of creating a new service record. For the first step, select the Service Mode button. The device should now unlock, and you will be sent to the next step. If the device does not unlock when the button is selected, you will need to manually place the unit into service mode, which is described below. 

    365Ops App - Unlock a Stockwell Step 1 - Unlock the Stockwell and click on the 'Service Mode' button to begin your service image record.png
  9. Now that you are in service mode and the device has unlocked, the unit needs to be put into a health safety lock delay before you can add a service image of the device. This mode will provide 2 hours for the cabinet to drop in temperature after restocking to avoid the Cooler Health Safety Lock.


    Cooler Health Safety Lock Delay Process

    There are two options for entering this mode:

    1. Open and close the door 3 times within the span of 5 seconds

    2. Press the U button and Down Arrow simultaneously for 5 seconds directly from the Minus Forty Module

    Either way that this mode is entered, the result will be that the Minus40 display at the base of the unit will now flash the word "dELAY", along with other unit data. 

    Health Lock Delay Gif.gif

    Now that the device is in the Cooler Health Safety Lock Delay mode, you may restock the device and take a picture of its contents. Select Next when you have added the image.

    365Ops App - Unlock a Stockwell Step 2 - no service image added.png

  10. Once your service image has been added, you will be taken to Step 3 of the process. Click the button Submit and End Service Mode, then lock the device. 

    365Ops App - Unlock a Stockwell Step 3 - Lock the Stockwell and click on the 'Submit and End Service Mode' button.png
  11. Now that you have completed this process, you will be able to view this record and any previous records listed in Submitted Records on the Service Images Tab.

    365Ops App - Service Images Tab - Submitted Records for a Stockwell Device.png


Interactive Demo

To see this process in action, you may experience the Service Images Walkthrough below, or visit 365Ops - Stockwell Service Images Walkthrough.


Manually Activating Service Mode

If the device did not unlock when Service mode was selected, follow these steps to manually place the unit into service mode before taking the service image. 

  1. On the touch screen of the device, tap in the upper left corner 5 times

  2. The driver menu will now appear. Enter in your PIN or ADM email and Password.

  3. Select Start Service Mode. 

  4. You will now see a timer on the device. Both doors will unlock and stay open for the next 30 minutes. If you complete this process before the 30 minutes are up, select the Finish button to lock the doors early.


This means that the Restocking mode is now activated and will remain in stocking mode for 30 minutes or until you press Finish on the device. The health safety lock will be delayed by 2 hours after this process.

Now that you are in Service mode, you may continue with the Service Image process above.