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This article will list some of the most frequently asked questions, along with where else you can go within the HelpCenter to find common questions related to specific products.


General FAQs
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General FAQs

Ways to incentivize GMA adoption/use?

  • The initial balance feature is a great way to get customers interested in GMA Check out this article to see how this feature works.

  • The Tender Discount promotion is another great way to encourage customers to use a GMA account over credit (Visit this article see more info on how to setup a Tender Discount Promotion ADM Promotions

Do you offer any training on ADM? Where can I sign up?


Network and Connectivity

What do I do if my kiosk goes offline?

  • Check internet status at the location to see if the location is experiencing any outages.
  • If internet is working at location then power cycle both the kiosk and router, leave powered down for at least 30 seconds.
  • See the following article for more information Kiosk Connectivity Information
  • Contact support if internet has been confirmed as working at the location and power cycling did not fix.

Does the Gen3 and NanoMarket have NFC capabilities?

  • The Gen3 does only if using the OTI reader as the credit card reader. 
  • NanoMarkets do not support NFC capabilites.