365 Loyalty Program Info and Flyer


What is the Loyalty Program?

The Loyalty program is a rewards points system for consumers that use a Global Market Account (GMA). Consumers accumulate points with each purchase, to redeem for cash back on their accounts at loyalty enabled locations. They find their loyalty points on the 365Pay app in the Rewards section of the menu or online at


Can an Operator enable Loyalty or does a 365 Employee turn on Loyalty?

A 365 Retail Markets employee with Super access must enable or disable Loyalty for a location.

ADM Settings to enable Loyalty for a location from the Location Summary page.

If the GMA Loyalty Points is set to "On", the 'Loyalty Multiplier Default" drop-down menu will display with options from zero through 25. The Default setting is '1', however, operators may set their multiplier between zero through 25.

The default setting is applied to all products for that location and can be changed at the product level. If set to '0', a multiplier of zero will be the default. This option makes it easier if a location only wants to reward a handful of items. When the default is changed, the user will get a notification message that they are changing the modifier for all products at that location.

The Admin user then can setup Loyalty Multipliers to individual products for their location, again from zero through 25.