365Dining - General Product and Service Overview


The purpose of this document is to provide a simplified overview and visualization of 365Dining Products and Services.


Product Summary


The 365Dining system processes orders placed through our ReadyTouch kiosks and 365Pay app using Order Ahead.  The backend ADM configuration controls which KDS screen and printer the items ordered are sent to.  ADM provides a wide variety of customization features including scheduled menus, lead time controls, order limits, and pick-up locations.

Please see the 365Dining Section on our HelpCenter for more information.


Key Requirements

  • A stable and persistent internet connection with a minimum speed of 1 Mbps upload / 2 Mbps download per kiosk.
  • Room for equipment ordered.
  • Firewall exceptions that meet our networking requirements if connected to a local network.



  • Large dining configurations may require additional network hardware to be used to accommodate all devices.
  • Offline transactions can only be processed through our Magtec and FreedomPay Lane3000 credit card readers when enabled in ADM.
  • Only one credit card reader can be enabled on a kiosk at any given time.
  • Older smartphones may not support the app depending on device compatibility.


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