PC Swap Process Quick Start Guide


This article serves as a quick start to the PC swap Process. For a more in-depth version of this guide, please see the Legacy to V5 PC Swap Process - Operator Guide


Before Arriving at the Site

Verify location is already GMA enabled. If it is not, do not proceed with PC Swap as it will not be possible to complete. Request GMA migration and wait until completed.

Exception: If swapping the kiosk into Inventory in ADM to prepare for an upcoming relocation, contact Implementation before proceeding. GMA migration is not necessary.


Before Starting

Due to the way the PC Swap process works, all kiosks at the location will be unusable until the process is complete. Communicate this to the site if needed.

Key Information
  • If the location is MKL with multiple kiosks, the Server kiosk (the kiosk with the router) MUST be provisioned first completely before provisioning the client kiosks. Client kiosk provisioning will always fail if the server kiosk is not completed first.

  • Accounts at a Freedom Pay location will not automatically migrate over to GMA. If you are swapping out a Freedom Pay integrated location, you will need to manually add your consumers into the GMA User Upload Template, as these locations will not be able to migrate to GMA automatically. You will then need to send the completed GMA Upload template to 365 Support to have it uploaded into ADM.

  • Taxes will carry over from SmartHQ after the PC Swap. See the article ADM Tax Mapping and Creating Tax Rates for more information.

  • SmartHQ promotions do NOT transfer into ADM. After the Legacy to V5 PC Swap has taken place, these must be set up in ADM. See the ADM Promotions article for setup instructions.

  • If you are using a VDI Provider such as Cantaloupe, VendSYS, or Crane, your market identifier information will transfer over from SmartHQ to ADM. We recommend sending a new product catalog shortly after the swap is completed.


At Site

  1. Batch and sync legacy PC in kiosk settings to avoid loss of transaction data and pending credit card transactions
  2. If the kiosk has a bill acceptor, perform a cash-out

  3. Power off the legacy PC

  4. Remove the legacy PC and install the new V5 PC. Steps are shown here: How To - Legacy to V5 Conversion

  5. If Applicable: Replace the IDTech credit card reader with the OTI credit card reader, if not done already. Steps are shown here: How to Replace the OTI Reader (With Video Tutorial)

  6. Power on the new PC

These steps are also outlined in the video below. 


Provisioning Process 

The following steps of the PC Swap are the provisioning process. For more detailed instructions, see the V5 Self Provisioner

  1. Verify that the provisioner software passes all network checks

  2. Enter the kiosk serial number. If the site is MKL with server and client kiosks, only proceed with the server kiosk first.

  3. Log in with your ADM credentials

  4. Select different kiosk location settings to copy. This copies basic kiosk settings - you are not selecting the location you are at.
    • Choose a location with the same branding and hardware setup, such as Gen3 or Gen3C. If you don't choose an exact match, problems may arise. Example: If the current location has a bill acceptor and you copy a location that does not, then the bill acceptor may not function at your location. You would then need to contact 365 Support to address the situation.

  5. Verify location information is correct and select "finalize"

  6. After the kiosk syncs, test all peripherals

  7. Select "start kiosk"

  8. Verify that products scan properly and credit card transactions are successful

If the site has a client kiosk, proceed with provisioning of the client kiosk. The provisioner will automatically find the location information and not require a login. Proceed with testing after the kiosk syncs as above.