Avanti - Smart N Go - Unboxing Guide

Unboxing your Smart N Go is a simple process, but mistakes can be costly. Please follow this guide in order of presentation to better understand how you'll need to uncrate the market.  It is required to have 2 adults when removing  the modules from the crates.

Required Tools:

  • Drill with #2 Phillips bit

Installation Steps in Chronological Order

The crates


This is the cabinetry and additional parts crate. This crate can be set on its side and is the largest of the crates. Note the metal ramp on the side. This detaches and will be used later.

The other crate type is slightly smaller but houses the modules. These crates can NOT be set on their side.

Removing the front paneling

Removing the frame screws

Removing the outer frame

Metal ramp placement and secure

Secure metal ramp to pallet


Remove wheel stopper


Remove side wooden panel screws

Remove all four screws at the bottom of the right-side panel. DO NOT remove the opposite side panel yet.


Remove back-right metal clasp (as if viewed from the front of the module)

Unscrew the two screws that attach the metal clasp to the back wooden panel of the pallet. DO NOT remove the other two screws attaching it to the right wooden panel.


The unsecured bracket should appear as follows:

This is the view from looking directly at the back-right corner of the pallet. Note that you should bend the bracket so that it comes off easier in the next step.


Remove right side wood panel (facing the front of the crate)

Attach side metal plate

Remove rear wood panel

Remove left side wooden panel

This is the view from looking directly at the front left corner of the pallet.


Remove left side wood panel (facing the front of the crate)

Roll down attached metal ramp


Once you've unboxed your market, you're ready to install each module. Head over to our Smart N Go - Installation Guide for next steps!