Avanti - Troubleshooting a Smart N Go Market - Flickering

As a driver or service technician, you'll occasionally need to troubleshoot and fix small issues at your Smart N Go market. See below for an overview of how to accomplish these tasks.


Flickering - When the sensors have trouble identifying if something is intercepting the infrared lasers or not.

  • This most often occurs when a strangely-shaped package is sold in the market. An example of this would be a cylindrical mint container. The shape of the product can reflect the laser in way that make the sensor register the product as being picked up and put back down repeatedly.
  • Another cause is the clear dividers get moved or misaligned and the system can't properly detect the compartments. 

Quarantined Module -   A quarantined module can be a number of things.  If the unit is refrigerated it is most likely the health timer and the steps listed below are how you would clear that.  If the module is an ambient module, the issue will not be fixed by the reset quarantine as it is most likely a hardware issue which may be fixed by restarting the market.

Flickering - These steps do not apply to Gen 4 markets


Flickering can only be adjusted for Compartments.  If a Drink column has a flicker the Sensor rail will have to be replaced or physically altered. Please contact support for help on this issue.

  1. Log into your driver account using your card or Fingerprint
  2. On the Member screen, the driver will need to touch the logo in the upper left corner


  1. Select the Maintenance Mode option


  1. Select Module Events.


  1. In the upper part of the screen there will be Section and Tray. Add the Section and tray you are working on

Note: The section will be the module you will be working on.  Trays start at 1 on the top and end at 5 on the bottom.


  1. Once section is selected choose the Column you will be adjusting
  2. In the bottom left there will be a Threshold and Intensity setting

Note: the Threshold is the Sensor sensitivity percentage, if the threshold is set to 80, think of it as 80% of the IR beam needs to be seen by the sensor. Intensity is the strength of the Beam.


  1. Adjust the Threshold first. If the compartment is flickering with no product in it adjust the compartment up. If the compartment is full adjust the compartment down.

Note: When you are making adjustments on the threshold, the range you can adjust will be between 80-95.

  1. If the flickering is still occurring you will need to adjust the intensity, you can leave the threshold at the point it was flickering the least.
  2. When Adjusting the intensity,  if the compartment is empty  we would want to adjust the intensity up, if the compartment is full we would adjust the flickering down.  

Once the flickering has stopped, select "set" next to the tray option and unlock the door.  The screen will display all the compartments.  Open the door and lift a product out, Once the compartment is empty the screen will show it completely red.  When you put the product back in the screen will show the compartment completely green

Empty compartment


Full Compartments



This article is included in the Smart N Go Driver Handbook.