Avanti - Benefits of Retrofitting to Gen4

Gen 4 Smart N Go

Avanti Markets is committed to providing the highest quality products to our operators. This means iterations on existing equipment. Smart N Go is no different in this regard. When we launched the product it was in its second generation. Now we offer the fourth generation of this equipment, which comes with many benefits over the previous versions.

Benefits of retrofitting

Improved reliability and shopping experience through upgraded hardware 

Significant reduction in hardware issue frequency over Gen3 

The retrofit addresses common Gen3 issues including: 

  • Flickering – where the system flickers as it tries to recognize products.  This is no longer an issue with Gen4 given a new array sensor approach 
  • Power / reliability improvements - Top and Back Boards have had their circuitry redesigned to reduce failures and increase stability
  • Product changes– product changes are much easier now as the sensors allow for more variability 


The retrofit solution is available for Generation 3 equipment to Generation 4 functionality.  The retrofit kit will not work on Generation 2 or earlier versions.


Retrofit must be scheduled at least one month in advance. Avanti will need two weeks to prepare equipment before shipment.  The onsite equipment parts swap and configuration work will take 1-5 days depending on number of modules and complexity of the setup.

Retrofit Process

The retrofit parts will be preconfigured at the Avanti warehouse in AZ and shipped to the operator for installation.  The Gen4 retrofit components (primarily trays) will be shipped out in special wood crates designed to be sent back to Avanti with the Gen3 components that they replace.  Upon completion of the retrofit, the operator will be expected to ship back the old parts to Avanti.


Each conversion will require Avanti Installer support. For the first retrofit, Avanti to cover installer travel.  Any future installer support on retrofits on the operator’s dime (= they cover all installer travel expenses).

Special Avanti Retrofit Offer

Retrofit part kits cost Avanti approximately $900 per module (= $4,500 for a standard 5-mod market). Avanti will agree to cover the cost of these parts and installer support for an operator’s first retrofit.  For additional retrofits, the operator would be expected to cover the installer T&E costs.  Operator agrees to cover taxes and shipping from AZ on all retrofits, and this includes the return shipping of the parts that are swapped out through the retrofit.


The new retrofit parts will be covered under a one-year warranty.


Download the attached word doc for a version to share with your operators!