International - PicoCooler Breeze - Self-Provisioner (Wallee)


Before provisioning, please ensure you have the following information on hand:

  1. Name of the Org/Location
  2. ADM credentials
  3. Activation code sent to you by the 365 team
  4. Evermart CDU serial number (located on CDU on top of cooler)


PicoCooler Breeze Self-Provisioner

Step 1: Set Up Connection

  1. On the Pico device, choose cellular. PicoCooler Breeze can ONLY use cellular.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Use your ADM credentials to log into the device.


Step 2: Enter Activation Code

  1. Wait for the "Enter activation code" message to appear on the screen and enter the code you received from 365 to activate the credit card processor.

  2. Press the green check button and wait for the device to confirm your code and configure the terminal
  3. When the device is finished and returns to the "Wallee" screen, return to the device home screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and pressing the middle circle button.

  4. Press the up arrow or swipe up on the home screen to access the app drawer. Press the mobile market icon to continue the PicoCooler setup.

If you did not enter your activation code and skipped step two, follow these steps below to re-open the prompt:

  1. Open the "Mobile Setup" app by tapping the top-left corner of the screen five times, entering your PIN or email/password, and then tapping "Open Setup App"
  2. Tap "Testing & Tools" in the top middle
  3. Tap "Test Wallee Card Processing"
  4. Tap "Open Wallee" app


Step 3: Test Barcode Scanner

Scan a Market Card or your QR code in the Mobile App to test the scanner.



Step 4: Test Card Reader

Swipe a magnetic stripe credit card that you know works through the reader to start the test.



Step 5: Test Touch Screen

Follow the prompts to touch the targets and drag the sliders accordingly.



Step 6: Test Connectivity

The test will automatically begin to test your device’s connectivity.

  1. Click Next when the test has completed.

  2. When prompted, click OK to continue.


Step 7: Test Cooler

Follow the prompts to test the cooler.



Step 8: Provision the Kiosk

  1. Click Start.

  2. Select where to deploy your device.
    1. Select the Organization.
    2. Select the Location.

  3. If you would like to select a new Location, click Create New Location.

  4. The Select Device Usage screen will display. Tap into the Type field and select Standard.
    3pico9502_20211122_1148_23.png 4pico9502_20211122_1148_27.png

  5. Select whether you want to copy an existing device (Copy Device) or create your device from a default template (Create from Device Defaults).

    If you choose Create from Device Defaults, you will skip the next screen and the New Device Information page will display.

  6. Choose the Org and Location where the device you want to copy is located.

  7. Then select the Device from the drop-down menu. Click Next.

  8. The Device Settings screen will load. Confirm or edit the device settings here. The fields displayed will differ slightly depending on the Pico Device Type chosen on this screen.
    Choose PicoCooler Breeze.
    • Offline Credit Cart Cutoff (Hours): Use this option to determine the amount of time that the device will accept credit transactions when offline. When set to zero, the device will not accept offline credit transactions at all. This can be edited in ADM after setup at any time (see ADM Device Summary – External for steps).
    • Cooler Type: Choose Minus40-Breeze. The PicoCooler Breeze only works with the MinusForty coolers at this time.
    • Evermart Serial Number: This is located on the CDU on top of the cooler. This is required for communication to the Evermart system which is a crucial component to the PicoCooler Breeze system.
    • Credit Card Pre-Auth Amount: The PicoCooler Breeze MUST use a locked cooler solution. This means a payment method must be presented in order to unlock the cooler. In this situation, the cooler will charge a pre-auth amount to verify the payment method presented is valid. The pre-auth amount will be reversed. The Credit Card Pre-Auth Amount defaults to $10. If you would like to change it, please click in the text field and adjust accordingly. This can be edited in ADM (in Device Summary) after setup at any time.
      NOTE: Keep the average transaction in mind when setting this as the customer's cart total cannot exceed the pre-auth amount.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Review the new settings. You can change them later in ADM if needed.

  11. Click Finish.


Creating a New Location

Enter the new Location Name you would like to use.

NOTE: You cannot use an existing Location Name within this Org.



Copy a Location/Product List

  1. Choose the Location Name of the existing location you want to use as your template and select whether or not you would like to copy the product list from the location.

  2. Enter and verify the information that will be relevant to the new location.
    Note: You can change these settings later in ADM.

  3. Complete entering the remaining information needed.
    NOTE: Any fields that are not applicable to your location can be left blank.

  4. Click Next
    Continue to the Copy Device step (shown previously) and complete the process.


Re-provisioning and Relocations

Operators can relocate a Pico for free using the self-provisioner. See the instructions below:

  1. On the Pico device, access the Driver Menu by tapping the upper left corner 5 times.

  2. Enter your driver PIN.
    Note: A driver's PIN is set in the Users & Roles section of ADM. If you do not have access to this section and need your PIN set/reset, reach out to your management.

  3. Tap Start Setup App.
  4. Tap Provision Kiosk.
  5. Continue using the steps in the appropriate section of the US/Canada - PicoPlatform - Self-Provisioner guide.