V5 Platform – How to Enable the Monnit Software


The Monnit Software is necessary for Monnit-compatible devices to communicate with the iMonnit website. This article provides instructions on how to enable this software on the V5 platform.



  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse (optional – if used, replace “tap” with “click” in the directions)
  • Monnit-compatible Gateway USB Dongle
  • Monnit-compatible Temperature Sensor(s)
  • Location configured inside of iMonnit (Adding a Sensor to an Existing Location in iMonnit)


Enabling and Testing Instructions

  1. Plug in the USB keyboard (and optional mouse) into a free USB port on the kiosk PC.

  2. If it is not already attached, attach the USB gateway dongle to the PC.

  3. Press the Alt + F4 keys to exit the POS software.

  4. Double tap the Setup gear icon on the desktop.
  5. Tap OK to dismiss the Welcome popup window.
  6. On the Devices window, tap the Test Devices button.
  7. The Device Tests screen will display. By default, all devices will be selected for testing. Deselect all the devices except the Monnit Sensor by tapping on each check box. Depending on the local kiosk configuration, the Card Reader and Touchscreen options may not allow their associated boxes to be unchecked.
  8. Tap the Next buttons until the Monnit Sensor screen displays, as shown below.

  9. Tap Test iMonnit Sensors from the Monnit Sensor screen. The Monnit Link Gateway Configuration Tool will display.
  10. Click on Actions.

  11. Click on Show Message Viewer to display a Sensor Feedback window. This window will be used during sensor installation to show sensor check in and state configuration status.

  12. With the iMonnit Link window open, place the batteries into the Monnit sensors. See How to Insert Batteries if you need assistance.

  13. When the temperature sensor has been detected by the software, a popup window should display stating that the sensors have connected successfully to the network. If this does not display on this window within five minutes, and the sensors fail to show a green status icon on the iMonnit website Link to the iMonnit article here, contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282.

  14. After the sensors have been installed, exit the Configuration Tool.

  15. Select Next until the Kiosk is Ready for Production screen displays.

  16. Click Start Kiosk to start the POS software.