iMonnit Website - Canteen - Adding Temp Sensors to iMonnit


This purpose of this article is to provide instructions on how to :

  • Enable the Monnit Software on the V5 platform. The Monnit Software is necessary for Monnit-compatible devices to communicate with the iMonnit website.
  • Add sensors to the iMonnit website. This will include how to add sensors to an existing location and creating a brand new location.

Below is an image of what the USB Gateway and Sensors look like.



Adding a Sensor to an Existing Location in iMonnit's Website

1. Log into the Monnit website here:

2. Scroll down the page and click on Locations.

3. A list of locations will display on the screen. Click on the three dots.


4. Click Edit Account.


5. On the next page you will see the sensors fields at the bottom, from here you can add new sensors or adjust what is currently there.


6. Choose either Cooler or Freezer from the drop-down menu.

7. Enter the Sensor ID and Code (found on the Sensor itself).

8. Click the blue Save button.

Note: The notifications and temp sensor parameters will automatically be configured when you click on Save.

Note: To adjust the existing sensors, enter the new ID and Code. Be sure to choose the correct Freezer or Cooler option for each sensor. Then click Save.


Creating a New Location

If the location where you want to add a sensor does not exist in iMonnit, you will need to create a new location. The following steps will demonstrate that process. 



1. Log into the Monnit website.

2. Click on Admin.


3. Click on Portal followed by Create Sub-Account.


The Custom Account Setup page will display.


4. Choose your Division.

5. Choose your District.

6. Enter a Market Name (the name of the location). Be sure to add in any unique identifiers, if they exist.

Example: If you have multiple Costco locations, be sure to enter a unique number after the word Costco so it will be easy to identify this exact location if an alert is sent out.

7. Enter the Gateway ID and Code (This can be found on a sticker on the right side of the kiosk or on the USB device that is plugged into the CPU inside the Kiosk)

8. Enter the Sensor information, make sure to choose cooler or freezer depending on where you are placing that sensor.

9. Enter the Sensor ID and Code for each sensor you are adding. (Can be found on the sensor itself)

10. Click the blue Save button.  This will automatically configure the notifications regarding who is to be notified and the sensor names.

11. Rename the Cooler or Freezer sensors to include "_INACTIVE" if you are adding the sensors before the Market is active/completed Top Down Check. If you are adding sensors during a Top Down Check, and they are confirmed checking in, do not include "_INACTIVE". If you discover sensors named with "_INACTIVE" that have recent readings, confirm with your Operator, then remove the suffix. 


Confirming the Sensor is Checking into Monnit

After sensors have been installed and setup on the website, you need to confirm that they are checking in on the website.

1. Click on Locations, if you are not there already.


2. Choose the location where you just added the sensors.

This will bring you to the Sensors section where you can see the sensors and if they are communicating.

  • You will see a green circle if the sensor is communicating and when it checked into the website if it is connected.
  • If you do not see sensors, click on Sensors on the left side.
  • The sensors can take between one to two minutes to check into Monnit after being installed.
  • You can also click on the Refresh icon on the upper, right to see if the sensors updated.

  • If the sensors are not checking in after two minutes, double check that the batteries are inserted correctly. If they are still not checking in after confirming the batteries are in correctly, contact 365 Support at 1-833-955-1422, option 2.

Below is an image of sensors that are checking in successfully.



Deleting a Location

This section will demonstrate how to remove a location from your organization.

In order to remove a location you MUST first remove the sensors and gateway from the location.

The following will show how to remove the sensors, gateway and location.

1. Click on Locations on the left side to see a list of all locations.


2. Click on the location that is needed

3. Then click on Sensors on the left side

4. You will now see the sensors at the location, click on the 3 dots icon to see the option to delete. You will need to do this with each sensor.


5. Now that you have removed the sensor you will now need to remove the gateway. Click on Gateways on the left side

6.. You will now follow the same process as you did with the sensors. Click on the 3 dots to see the option to delete.


7. Now that the sensors and gateway are deleted, you can now move onto removing the location. Click on Settings on the left side


8. In the top right you will see an option to delete the location. (This only becomes visible once the gateway and sensors are removed otherwise you will not see the option and will look like the below image)




Sensor Placement

This section shows the ideal sensor placement.



  • The sensors should be placed on the outside of the cooler or freezer and the cable will reside inside the cooler or freezer.
  • You can use some tape to guide the cable into the freezer or cooler.


How to Insert Batteries

The following images show you how to properly place the batteries.

The image below shows how to open the sensor.


When inserting the battery, be sure the + sign is facing upwards as shown below.