International MicroMarket Kick Off Overview

Location Requirements

Network Connection

To install a 365 Retail Market kiosk, specific network requirements must be met.  


Standard 220v power outlets are required in the designated area for each 365 component. It is important to determine the kiosk, DVR and all other equipment (coolers) locations early in the process and determine which party will be responsible for installing the outlets.


Gathering Deliverables

Product Catalogs

Defining your product mix and delivering those product details (UPC, item name, price, etc.) are essential to the setup of your kiosk. You will need to build two product catalogs:

  • Operator Product Catalog
  • Store Product Catalog.

365 supplies a Product Import Template to assist you in transmitting your product details for easy upload into ADM.

User List (optional)

The User List allows you to do the following before you go live, and without accessing the kiosk:     

  • Create accounts for end users  
  • Preload funds to their accounts
  • Set up PINs for end users

People (optional)

Request the first names, last names, and email addresses of the employees on-site from the HR Manager so the User List can be completed and sent to 365 before Go Live.

Tax Mapping

Make sure to set up your different tax brackets for the site before going live. Each item may require a different tax value depending on the region. Your Project Coordinator can assist you with this.



ADM Training

ADM is the operator portal for administering every aspect of your 365 Kiosk. Just before you open your MicroMarket, a 365 Team Member will train your team to manage your products, update inventory, and view all necessary reports on the ADM website.

Mobile Inventory Training

Mobile Inventory is a site ( that your drivers can access on a mobile device and easily complete a large array of inventory action items. If you are interested in this, be sure to tell your Project Coordinator so they can arrange for this webinar training.


Quality Assurance

Pre-Live Check

A pre-live check involves powering up the kiosk, connecting it to the internet and testing the kiosk peripherals and basic functionality. This will be performed by a 365 Team Member at least five business days before the opening of the location. A member of the operator’s team is required to be physically at the kiosk at the time of the scheduled call.

Taking Initial Inventory

After installing your equipment and stocking your MicroMarket, it is important to enter the starting inventory for each item into ADM. If this step is not completed before Go-Live, all inventories will go into the negatives, which will start your market off on the wrong foot!


Contact Information




Phone #

Jessica Cox

Business Development Manager - International


Allie Krupp

International Project Coordinator

888-365-7382 ext 130


365 Support (Post Live)

  • 888-365-6282

365 Implementation (Pre-live thru Opening Day technical)

  • 888-497-8803

365 Sales/Fulfillment (non-Pre-Live thru Opening Day)

  • 888-365-7382, Ext 301

365 Finance

  • 888-365-7382, Ext 305

365 Logistics

  • 888-365-7382, Ext 303

365 Marketing