V5 Self Provisioning Flow - Operator

Configuring the new CPU

Running Provisioner

    1. Power up the kiosk in Provisioner Mode. You should see the Welcome! screen.
    2. Click OK and the Network Setup screen will display, where you should see all green check marks. For example, you should see a green checkmark next to the Network Check section. This checks that our remote connection software, TeamViewer, can connect to the network.

      No matter the version number in the upper right-hand corner, select the Check for updates button to ensure that you are using the most current version. 


    3. Click Next once you are on the most current version, and if you have all green check marks. The Commission Kiosk screen will display.

       If Services displays a red X and says “Failed to reach services”, follow the steps in time segment 0:51-4:00 of Troubleshooting an Offline Kiosk. If it continues to fail, contact 365 Implementation at 888-497-8803.

    4. Scan the kiosk serial number barcode.

      • If there is a kiosk serial number barcode on the side of the kiosk, you can also take a picture of it and scan that.

      • If there is no barcode on the kiosk, use the onscreen keyboard to enter the kiosk serial number. Make sure to include the VSH when entered.

    5. The kiosk will start installing some key pieces of software and begin syncing the data to the kiosk. When that is done, you should see a “Success” message.
    6. Click OK to continue.

    7. Enter your email and password for ADM to continue. These are the same credentials you use to log in to ADM.
      Note: You can tap on the eye Icon in the password field to show your password to confirm you have typed in the correct password.

    8. The Select a Device to Copy screen will display. You should only see the Orgs and Locations you have access to in ADM. You will want to choose one with the same branding and hardware setup, such as Gen3 and Gen3C (a Gen3C has a bill acceptor and receipt printer module attached to the kiosk). This will help you get your new device set up with the proper settings. Choose which location and device you want the new location to mirror by following the steps below.

A. Select your Org.

B. Select the Location whose settings you want to mirror.


C. Select the Device (kiosk only) from which to copy the settings.

Note: If the kiosk you are swapping has an expansion unit (Bill Accepter or a receipt printer), then the kiosk you choose to copy should have one as well.

D. Select Next after you have chosen your Org, Location, and Device to copy. The Confirm Setup screen will display. It provides an overview of the device you want to copy and the device and location where you are going to copy it.


E. Choose Confirm & Finalize if everything looks good. If there is something you want to change, select Back.

9. The next step is to test out the peripherals.


      1. Deselect any devices that might not be applicable to your kiosk.

      2. Select Begin Testing to start testing your peripherals. You will need cash to properly test the Bill Acceptor.

10. If the conversion has been successful, then all devices will have passed, and you will see all green check marks. This means your kiosk is ready to go.


11. Select Start Kiosk to start up the POS (Point of Sale).

Note: If one or more devices fail the test, you will see a red X next to that device. Contact 365 Implementation at 888-497-8803 for help with the failed device. If this device is not crucial to the operation of your market, you can go ahead and choose Start Kiosk.

12. Verify your kiosk shows online via ADM or from the kiosk itself. See Legacy & V5 - Network Connectivity Verification and Troubleshooting - Operator Guide for instructions on verifying the network connectivity status remotely or on-site.


Congratulations!  You’ve transformed your kiosk from Legacy to V5.  Now you can take advantage of the latest innovations at 365 Retail Markets.