365Dining - OrderAhead - Upsell Settings


The upsell feature is available on the 365Pay app for OrderAhead enabled devices. It can be applied in two ways: as a Transaction Level Upsell, or a Product Level Upsell. 

Upsell images are available for Transaction Level Upsells on ReadyTouch, MM6 Dining, and MM6 Mini Dining. They are not available on mobile. 



Transaction Level Upsell

An OrderAhead location can only have ONE active transaction-level upsell at a time.

In the example below, a consumer selected bottled water. Once selected, the next upsell item, a Clif Bar, replaced it


  1. Click the Products tab, then select Upsells from the drop-down menu. 

  2. The Upsell – Transaction Level List screen will display. Select the Upsell Name you'd like to edit. Alternatively, you can create one by clicking on the Select Location drop-down menu, clicking on the location, then selecting Create New.
    To delete an existing upsell from this page, click on the corresponding trash icon. 

  3. Whether you are editing an existing upsell or creating a new one, you will see the following editable fields:

    OrderAhead - Upsell - Transaction Level.png

    1. Upsell Name: text that displays above the upsell section. Example:  "Need a little extra" or "Add a beverage?"

    2. Active: This is checked by default. To turn off or pause an upsell, uncheck the Active checkbox. 

    3. Limit Upsell Items That Display To No More Than: Optional field that limits the number of upsell items displayed to a customer. We recommend a maximum of five upsells being displayed for the best consumer experience. 

    4. Skip Products Already In Cart: Any upsell products that are already in the consumer’s cart will not appear as upsell options for the consumer. This setting is optional.

    5. Skip Categories Already In Cart: For Upsells with this box checked, the system will compare Category 1 categories against cart products. If a product from the Upsell list has the same category as a product in the cart, a different upsell will appear for that cart. For example, if the customer already has a bag of chips in their cart, it will upsell a candy bar instead of another bag of chips.  

    6. Display on kiosk as: This setting applies to ReadyTouch, MM6, and MM6 Mini devices running the Dining software. This will allow upsells to display as either plain text or text with image on the Cart screen of the kiosk. The Upsell product will use the image that is set in the item’s Product Summary within ADM.

  4. You can add or delete products from the Upsell list. The add button will show to the right of the category column. The delete option will show to the right of the category column once a product has been added. You can also rearrange the order of products in the upsell list simply by clicking the arrow icon in the Order column, dragging it, and dropping it in the desired order. This is the order the upsell products will display on the consumer's cart.

    OrderAhead - Transaction Level Upsell with rearrangement options highlighted.png
  5. Be sure to save if any changes were made.


Product Level Upsell

The Upsell section will only be visible in the Product Summary if the product is extended to at least one OrderAhead location within the organization. 

  1. Log into ADM.

  2. Click the Products tab, then select Global Products.

  3. Search and select the product you'd like to add an upsell to.

  4. Scroll down to the Upsell section within the Product Summary (below the Modifiers section).

    • If you have existing upsells on the product, you can add or delete products from the Upsell list. The add and the delete button will show to the right of the product drop-down. You can also rearrange the order of products in the upsell list simply by clicking the arrow icon in the Order column, dragging it, and dropping it in the desired order.

    • If you have not created an upsell for the product yet, the Upsell section will not have any tabs to start. Click the + to create your first Upsell and continue to the next step in this section.

  5. Give your Upsell tab a name and click Create.

  6. Your tab will be created. You will then see the Tab Name and Tab Display Name fields. The Tab Name is only visible within ADM and should be the name you just entered in the previous step. The Tab Display Name will be used in the 365Pay app/website as the title of the Upsell screen.

  7. Click Create New Upsell to create your first Upsell under the tab. Enter the Name for this first Upsell section. This Name will be the first section for upsells that the consumer sees on the upsell screen below the screen title.

    Image10.png Image11.png
  8. Add one or more product upsells to this first Upsell section. You can add as many upsell sections as needed under one singular tab. In this example, “Salty Snacks” and “Sweet Snacks” are the two Upsell sections, with upsell products below each section.

  9. You have as many upsells sections under a tab as desired, OR you can create another tab (upsell screen) to create an upsell “flow” in the 365Pay app.



Consumer View

Below is how the screens would flow depending on the ADM settings:

Image12.png Image13.png

In the example below, the consumer selected Cheese Cake Slice and Dasani Water 16.9 oz as from the Need a little extra? upsell list. Both were upsells associated with the Hamburger.


Below is an example of a kiosk upsell.