ADM - Reporting - Charity Round Up Report


Operators can use the Round Up for Charity report to track transactions that used the Round Up for Charity feature of ADM. This report shows how much was donated and which transactions had donations.

This report functions similarly to the Sold Details report. You can schedule or print this report, or you can export it to an Excel sheet. 



With this report, you can filter by: 

  • Date (required): Single Date, Multidate options, and Custom Range
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 60 days
    • Last Week (SU-SA) Last Week (SA-FR)
    • This Week
    • Last month
    • This Month
    • Current and Previous month
    • Custom Range

  • Time Range (optional): Has a hh:mm format (24 hours)

  • Locations (required) : select one or more, or select all

  • Active Locations can be filtered via a checkbox

    Round-up Charity Report - settings.png


When the report has been created, the following information will be available for each Round Up transaction: 

  • Location – the location's name

  • Device – Device name in which transaction was made

  • Trans Id – transaction ID

  • Transdate – date on which transaction was made

  • Customer – First name and last name of consumer

  • Pay Method – method of payment used for transaction, in case of split payment display them as comma separated values

  • Charity Name – Display name of the charity if not present then display cause name else display blank

  • Charity ID – EIN number associated to charity

  • Round Up Amount – Amount which was rounded in the transaction.

    Round-up Charity Report - example.png