ADM - Round Up For Charity - Operator Guide


The Round Up For Charity feature on ADM allows customers to donate a portion of their purchase to a registered 501(c)(3) charity, foundation, or cause. The charity will be chosen by the operator in advance of the customer's transaction, and each location can be set to donate to a different cause. An operator can only associate one charity with each location, but multiple locations can donate to the same charity. 

The round up amount is calculated as the final step: post discounts, deposits, and tax. The amount that is donated depends on how much is needed to "round up" to the nearest whole dollar. For example, if a customer's total is equal to $2.50, they will be asked if they would like to "round up" to $3.00, and have the $0.50 amount sent to charity. 

Transactions already at the whole dollar will not be rounded up. Round Up For Charity is not an option for cash transactions. 



Before Set Up

Compatible Devices

The following devices are currently compatible with the Round Up For Charity feature: 

  • PicoVend
  • V5 Micromarkets 

ADM Settings

365 must enable this feature for your ADM Account. Please contact Support at (888) 365-6282 or to have this feature enabled. 

Round Up is enabled on the Org level, then managed at the Location level. This means you will be able to manage your settings for your entire organization in the same place, but that the settings for each location can be tailored to the needs of the community it is in. 

If you have multiple organizations, Round Up For Charity must be set up individually for each organization. 


Adding a New Charity

  • Log into ADM
  • Select Admin from the main menu, then choose the option Round Up for Charity from the resulting list
  • The Round Up for Charity main page will now appear. To add a new charity to this list, select the Add a Charity button.
  • On the Add a Charity screen, you will be able to search for the charity of your choice. You can do this by looking for the EIN of the charity. This is a unique identification number for each charity or foundation that is registered with the IRA. To find out the EIN of any Tax Exempt Organization, you can use the IRA Tax Exempt Organization Search.
    • Please note: if a charity does not appear when the EIN is entered, that charity is not yet compatible with this feature. Please choose a different cause for now, and check to see if the charity is available in the database in the future. 
  • Once you have selected a charity, you can change its display name. The display name is the name that customers will see during the checkout process. This is useful when the Cause Name is not as legible as you would like. For example, below you will see that the charity "BANNER HEALTH FOUNDATION" (in all capital letters) has been given the display name of "Banner Health Foundation" (in standard case).
  • After changing the display name of the charity, you may select the locations which will donate funds to that charity. Click the box for the Locations field, and you can choose All to select all locations, or select the name(s) of the individual location(s) you would like. You cannot select a location that has already been assigned to another charity. You do not have to select a location, and may come back to this screen any time to change which location(s) are associated with the foundation. 
  • When finished, select the Save button. You will be taken back to the Round Up For Charity main page. Under Active Charities, you will see the charity you have just added, as well as any that have been added in the past. 


View Locations Associated with Charities 

  • To see the locations that are donating to a specific charity, return to the Round Up For Charity main page, and select view locations in the Locations column
  • A pop-up will appear, which lists the locations you have assigned to that charity. 


Editing a Charity 

From the Round Up For Charity main page, you can select the display name of the foundation. This will take you to the Edit Charity page, where you can change the display name or locations for that cause. 
When finished, select the Save button. 



Deleting a Charity 

From the Round Up For Charity main page, you will see a blue X symbol to the left of every display name. Clicking on any of these X symbols will cause the Delete Charity pop-up window to appear, which will confirm your decision to delete the item from the list. 

Please note that locations that are collecting donations for the charity will no longer collect donations, until such time as another charity has been assigned to them. 



End or Pause Charity Collection

If you would like to stop collecting, you can remove all locations from the charity. This will leave the charity on the Round Up For Charity list, but halt donations from all locations to that foundation. You will now be able to add a location for that charity again in the future if you so decide. 


ADM Reports

A specific Round Up For Charity Report is available with this feature. The report works similarly to the Sold Details Report, and each transaction that utilized Round Up will be listed with additional detail about it.

This feature was designed to have a minimal impact on other reports. As an operator, you will not see the Round Up amounts listed as revenue on reports. For example, the Cash Flow Details report will exclude the Round Up amount from the Amount column. And in the EFT: GMA Disbursment report, the round up amounts are included in the Credit and GMA Sales values. There is also a Less Round Up column to debit the funds. 


The Flow of Funds

Operators will not have to manage any donations by utilizing this feature. Instead, once the customer has been "charged" for the round up amount, the disbursement and record-keeping are handled for you. This is done via the UK Online Giving Foundation. The records of these donations are found in the Round Up For Charity Report mentioned above.  

This makes charitable giving fast, easy, and efficient, both for you and for your customers. 


The Customer Experience

Customers will be asked if they would like to "Round up for charity" on the kiosk. This prompt will appear at different times depending on the device that is being used. For the PicoVend, consumers will be prompted at the pre-auth with their CC or GMA. For the V5 micromarkets, the prompt appears before check out. 

Customers can choose to opt in or opt out. The round up amount will be listed in their cart and on their receipt. 

On the V5, customers can cancel the round up at any time.  


Insufficient Funds for Rounded Up Amount

If the customer's remaining balance is not enough to cover the rounded up amount, the system will take all of their remaining balance. It will not ask the customer to provide additional funding. 

For example, let us say that a customer has a balance of $1.80 in their account, and they purchase two items for a total of $1.50. They want to round up for charity, but their remaining balance after the purchase is $0.30 - they would need $0.50 in order to round up to the nearest dollar, so they are $0.20 short.

In this case, the Round Up For Charity feature will only take the $0.30 for donation. It will not ask for an additional $0.20 to round the amount up the rest of the way. 



Device is Offline

If the kiosk is not online, Round Up For Charity will not be offered as an option to the customer. Round Up For Charity will again be offered when the device is no longer in local mode and has been reconnected.