International - ADM - Product Fee - Operator Guide


The ADM feature known as Product Fee allows operators to charge their customers a small fee per product. Use cases for this feature include a bottle deposit fee, or a charge for each single-use plastic item sold

This feature functions the same across all devices in the 365 family of products, and works with the Promotions feature. To learn more about the promotions feature, please see the article ADM - Promotions - Operator Guide


Request This Feature

This feature is not turned on by default. Please contact 365Support at (888) 365-6282 or to have this feature enabled.


Understanding Product Fees

  • Multiple fees can be listed within ADM. However, you may only have one fee apply to any one product at a time.
  • Product Fees are included in the price, meaning that the pricing is inclusive of the product fee. 

  • If the price is lower than the Product Fee, then the Product Fee will be reduced to match.
    • For example, with a product at a price of 0.10, and a Product Fee of 0.15, the Product fee will be reduced to 0.10. The customer will pay 0.10 for the item, all of which goes towards the product fee. 

  • The product fee is taxed at the same rate as the product, as entered on the product summary. This means that the Product Fee already includes tax. 

  • Discounts do not apply to Product Fees (except in rare cases with some promotion bundles). 


Set Up Product Fees in ADM

View the Product Fee Page

  1. Log into ADM

  2. Select the Admin option from the main menu. Then, from the resulting drop-down menu, select Product Fee.

    ADM - Main Menu - Admin - Product Fee
  3. The Product Fee List Page will now appear

    ADM - Product Fee List Page.png


Create New Product Fee

  1. Now that you are able to view the Product Fee List Page, select the Create New button

    ADM - Product Fee - Create New Button
  2. The Create Product Fee page will now appear. Input the name you would like to use for your product fee, then select Save

    ADM - Product Fee - Create New Product Fee page
  3. You will now be directed back to the Product Fee List Page, where you will see your newly created product fee. Select the listing for your product fee, and you will be taken to the editing page for that fee. 

    ADM - Product Fee- Edit Product Fee
  4. Select the Add Fee button.

  5. From the resulting pop-up, you will be able to input the amount you would like the fee to be, and the start date that this fee should be implemented. 
    When you are done, select the Save button.

    ADM - Product Fee - Add Fee
    If you need to remove any amounts, select the Remove button for that amount. 

    ADM - Edit Product Fee - Fee List


Apply Product Fee to Products

The product fee can also be set for multiple products at the same time using the Operator Product Catalog Change option of a Global Product Change.

To learn about other edits that can be made to products, please see the article ADM - Add, Edit, or Extend a Product.

  1. Now that your Product Fee has been created using the steps above, navigate to your Product List in ADM by selecting Product from the main menu, then selecting Global Products from the resulting drop-down menu. 

    ADM - Main Menu - Product - Global Products.png
  2. Select the name of the product in question, and you will be taken to the Product Summary for that product. 
    In the Product Fee field, select the name of the fee you would like to have applied from the drop-down menu. 

    ADM - Global Product List - Product Fee field
  3. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page. 

  4. To have this adjustment of your Global Product reflected on your device, preform a full kiosk sync on your device.