Verifone UX410 Installation Guide (Removing Nayax Device)


This guide will take you through the steps of removing a NAYAX VPOS or NAYAX AMIT device from a Gen3C Kiosk. It will then explain how to install a Verifone UX410 (Adyen) to replace it. 


Ordering Process

There are two ways to order this device:

  • If you are replacing an existing card reader with your new Verifone UX410 device, fill out the form available at the Adyen Retrofit Kit Request Portal.

  • If you are purchasing a new Verifone UX410 device without replacing an existing card reader, please fill out the Australian Ordering Form


Before You Start

  • Complete the ADM Setup Process as described in Verifone - Operator Onboarding Guide
  • Review the rest of this guide in full before going onsite
  • Verify all hardware is accounted for. Make note of both of the reader's serial numbers when the reader is received.
  • Please notify 365Support at least 2 business days before installing the reader. This will help them verify that the location is ready for install. 
    • If possible, please schedule installation on a weekday so that 365 Support can more easily assist with this process.
  • Plan for 3 hours of downtime during installation to accommodate processor configuration time.
  • A credit card will be needed for testing the reader once installation is completed.


Physical Install

Tools For Retrofit

  • 6" Philips head screwdriver - Needed to remove the router cover on the back of the kiosk
  • 5/16 X 3 1/4 Philips head screwdriver
  • Power Drill
  • Wire cutters or a small knife to remove any zip ties
  • A credit card will be needed for testing the reader once installation is completed

Retrofit Hardware Kit

  • UX410 Controller Mount
  • Two Truss Head Self-Drilling Screws 
  • Four Locknuts w/ Ext. Tooth lock 
  • an R2 Bit 
  • Two Ethernet Cables 


Adyen Reader Kit

  • Adyen Reader device
  • Adyen Reader mounting bracket
  • power cord
  • One Adyen Reader Mount Cover


Remove the Nayax Reader

  1. Power down the kiosk PC by inserting a pen, screwdriver, or other slim object into the access port on the right side of the kiosk. Then, unplug the kiosk and disconnect the ethernet cables from the wall, if applicable. 

  2. Remove the two screws located at the top of the kiosk


  3. Loosen the two screws from the router cover, located on the lower back side of the kiosk. You do not need to fully remove the screws - loosen them just enough that you are able to lift up the cover.
  4. Remove the two screws from each side of the kiosk base
  5. Remove the two screws from the top of the kiosk housing. Support the top of the kiosk by holding it with one hand during this process, especially when removing the second screw. 

  6. Keep a hand on top of the kiosk and lift up the backplate. Set aside

  7. Put the screws back in the space where the backplate was connected. Doing this will secure the kiosk to the stand and will provide stability when you open the front of the kiosk

  8. Remove the Router from the back of the kiosk

  9. Look for a "Y" shaped plug and remove the AMIT power brick (if applicable). It may be buried by other cords. Unplug the AMIT power brick and leave the "Y" shaped power connector outside of the kiosk

  10. Remove the Switch from the back of the kiosk. You only need 1 free outlet that is provided by the "Y" connector - you do not have to pull out the power cable for the switch if you are unable to do so. 

  11. Plug in the Adyen reader power into the Y connector and place it back into the kiosk
  12. Run the Adyen power connector through the hole located on the back of the Kiosk. Leave this for now, as it will be plugged into the reader at a later step.

  13. Run one of the ethernet cables from the kit through the hole in the back. Make sure to plug one end of the ethernet cable into the Meraki router
  14. Next, move to the front of the kiosk and slowly pull the front of the shell toward you

  15. Have a spotter hold the front of the kiosk for you, or rest it against yourself as you work

  16. Remove the center screw to move the speaker and detach the safety latch. Move the speaker off to the side of the kiosk
  17. With the latch detached, lay the front of the kiosk on the table. Doing this will make it much easier to remove the Nayax reader and install the Adyen reader.

  18. Remove the ethernet and AMIT cable (if applicable)

  19. Remove the USB to VGA connectors, if applicable

  20. Remove the AMIT box, cables, and antenna (if applicable)

  21. Take your 5/16 X 3 1/4 Philips head screwdriver and remove the four screws attaching the Nayax reader to the kiosk


Attach Adyen Reader to Bracket

  1. Using the holes on the perimeter, line up your Adyen reader with the screws on the bracket. PLEASE NOTE: The lifted side of the bracket should be on the left side and the Adyen reader Serial Number should be right-side-up (see image)
  2. Use the 4 Locknut w/ Ext. Tooth lock (teeth side down) and place them on the screws and tighten with your ratchet tool, using either a 5/16 or 8mm size bit

  3. Using the 2 Truss Head Self-Drilling Screw, Power Drill and R2 Bit, attach the bracket with the Adyen reader to the kiosk. Be careful not to pinch the power or ethernet cables

  4. Run the power cable behind the bracket and plug it into the connector shown in the image below

  5. Plug the ethernet cable into the Silver Port. Locate the black COM cable that comes with the reader, and plug it into the bottom of the reader.

  6. Attach the coax cable to the terminal box

  7. Take the Adyen reader plastic plate and diagonally slide it into the credit card reader opening
  8. Place the Adyen reader mount cover over the back of the reader
  9. With the Reader in one hand, line up the screws and push them through the bracket openings
  10. Take the washers and nuts from the Adyen reader kit and place the washers over the four screws. Hand tighten the nuts. Use the 9 - 32/2 bit and ratchet to secure them.

  11. Attach the COM cable and Coax Cable to the back of the reader


Reassemble Kiosk

  1. Move the speaker back into position and secure it in the center of the kiosk. Make sure to reattach the latch
  2. Close the front of the kiosk and reinsert the screws from the back

  3. Remove the screws you placed into the back of the kiosk to secure the base

  4. Place the back hood back on the Kiosk and reinsert the screws

  5. Put the router back into the kiosk and reattach the router hood. Tighten the screws back in.

  6. Attach the screws on both sides of the kiosk by the router

  7. Move the kiosk back into place and power back on. Be sure to test functionality of all parts. 

Adyen Wiring Diagram

Adyen Wiring Diagram.png