Order Ahead - KDS - Staff View


This article covers information pertaining to the staff view of the Kitchen Display System (KDS) when the Order Ahead settings are enabled. 


Staff View of the Kitchen Display System

There is a button for the All Day Items Counter that will display counts by menu item for station prep workers to see what is in the queue and stay ahead of the rush for certain items.

  • Tickets are presented with the items ordered including any modifiers.
  • Tickets are tagged with “Remote Order” and “Carryout” if To Go is selected.
  • A pickup time is specified on the orders. A lead time can be set via the Lead time in the OrderAhead Settings. The lead time is how many minutes before a pickup time the order will display on the KDS for preparation.
  •  A timer begins counting up as soon as an order is presented on the KDS so kitchen staff can see at a glance how long an order has been in the queue.
  • The kitchen staff can expand a large ticket that contains a lot of items or print the ticket to a chit printer.
  • The CALL button is used to get the attention of the consumer through the Now Serving screen (mentioned below) by displaying their name/order number on the Now Serving side of the screen. Pressing the CALL button will add a tag to the ticket to indicate that it was called.
  • The BUMP button will move the order from the Meals tab to the Closed tab and remove the consumer’s order from the display on the Now Serving screen.


Now Serving Screen 

When the CALL button is used on the KDS, the consumer’s order will flash green, slide out of the Preparing section, and slide onto the Now Serving section of the screen.

  • The order will be prominently displayed at the top of the Now Serving section.
  • If that order has not been bumped and another order is called, that order moves down and is displayed smaller while the latest order called takes the top most prominent position.
  • If you call the original order again, the orders will trade places on the screen.
  • When the order has been bumped from the KDS, it will be removed from the Now Serving screen.
  • The Now Serving Screen can be configured to display in either landscape or portrait mode depending on the available mounting options.


Display Number Instead of Display Name

If desired, the KDS can be setup to display only order numbers instead of names. The consumer will see the same on the Now Serving screen. 

If this setting is not enabled, you will see the following on the KDS:

For information on these settings, please see the Mask Name/Anonymous Order section of the OrderAhead Operator Guide


Lead Times

You can set how much time the kitchen has to complete an OrderAhead order. For example, if the consumer selected a pick-up time of 12:30 pm and the lead time was set to 15 minutes, the order would display on the KDS for preparation at 12:15. 

For more information, see the Send to Kitchen Prior to Pickup section of the OrderAhead Operator Guide.