ReadyTouch - Cashier Service - Kiosk Settings Guide


365Dining can function as a standalone cashier system. The fast, flexible, intuitive system is easy to learn with a flexible display enabling cashiers to choose the menu layout that best suits them for smoother service and shorter lines.

This article serves to explain some of the functionality of Cashier Service for ReadyTouch devices. Managers and staff members can void same-day transactions, show sales history, and more. 


Logging into Point-of-Sale and Cash Drawer

  1. If a kiosk is in self-service mode, click the gear icon in the bottom, right corner of the screen.
  2. You will be prompted to enter a PIN. The cashier or manager should enter their unique PIN, and then click Sign In.

    Note: The accounts and PINs are set up as follows:

a. Login to ADM.

b. Click the Admin tab.

c. Select Staff from the drop-down menu. If you cannot log in at this screen, contact your Manager. Managers can edit existing Staff accounts, or create new Staff accounts in ADM. See ADM – How to Create a Staff.


  1. When logged in, you will be prompted to select the cash drawer.
    ReadyTouch Kiosk - Cash Drawer Managment
  2. When you have selected the desired cash drawer, the Point-of-Sale screen will display where orders can be entered and paid for.



Cashier and Manager Functions on Point-of-Sale

For specific Cashier and Manager functions, you need to access the System Menu. To access it, click the Menu icon in the upper, left corner. You will see multiple options in the menu, they will be reviewed as you proceed through this article.


Logout vs. End Shift

  1. From the System Menu, you will see a Logout option and an End Shift option.
    • Logout – Logs you out of the Point-of-Sale but does NOT log you out of the Cash Drawer.
    • End Shift – Logs you out of the Point-of-Sale AND the Cash Drawer. This should be used to close out at the end of your shift.
  1. Choose the desired action.
  2. When you choose either Logout or End Shift, the Enter PIN screen will display.



Sales History

The Sales History will show you Open and Closed orders. Managers can use this screen to complete a void for a same-day transaction.

  1. Select Sales History from the System Menu.
  2. An Open tab and a Closed tab will be displayed at the top of the screen.

a. The Open tab shows open orders.

b. The Closed tab shows orders that have been completed.

3. Managers can complete a void for a same-day transaction using this screen. To do so:

a. Log into the Point-of-Sale or Cash Drawer using your manager account credentials.

b. Go to the Sales History screen.

c. Select the Closed tab.

4. Select the desired transaction from the Closed tab.

5. Click ADJUST.

6. With the transaction selected, the Manager can select PROCESS VOID.

Note: Only those with an Employee Type of Manager, which can be set in ADM (Admin tab > Staff), can select this button. Managers can edit existing Staff accounts or create new Staff accounts in ADM. See ADM – How to Create a Staff.



Manage Cash Drawers

The Manage Cash Drawers option will allow you to change the cash drawer you are managing.

  1. Select Manage Cash Drawers from the System Menu.
  1. The Cash Drawer Management pop-up will display. The name on the Cashier’s or Manager’s account will display to the left of the padlock icon for the drawer that is currently selected.
  2. To de-select the drawer, click the padlock The Cashier’s or Manager’s name will no longer be displayed to the left of the padlock icon.
    ReadyTouch Kiosk - Cash Drawer Managment
  3. When you have deselected the drawer that you had previously selected, you can choose another drawer. If you do so, the main Point-of-Sale screen will display again.


Fund Market Account

The Fund Market Account option should be used if a consumer wants to add funds to their market account at the ReadyTouch device.


  1. Select Fund Market Account from the System Menu.

  2. The consumer can then scan their Market Card or QR code for their account.
  3. The Cashier will then complete the funding process.