Monnit & iMonnit - General Information


The purpose of this article is to give a small overview of the Monnit temperature monitoring solution platform and the iMonnit website.



Monnit is a remote temperature monitoring solution that is only available for Legacy and V5 MicroMarket kiosks. This solution consists of one or more temperature sensors that wirelessly communicate with a USB gateway attached to the kiosk. The software for the gateway transmits the temperature telemetry over an Internet connection to the iMonnit website. The iMonnit website allows centralized remote administration and reporting of sensor temperature telemetry. There are two versions of the Monnit product line: Gen1 Monnit and Monnit ALTA.

The solution requires the following components:

  • Hardware Gateway - A USB device connected to the kiosk that wirelessly collects temperature data from the sensors.
  • Hardware Temperature Sensor - A small, battery-powered device that transmits temperature data to the hardware gateway.
  • Software Gateway - The software interface that collects the sensor data from the hardware gateway, compiles it, and transmits it to the iMonnit website. There are separate versions for Windows and Linux.
  • Network/Internet Connection - The medium upon which sensor data is transmitted from the kiosk to the iMonnit website.
  • iMonnit Website - The remote administration and reporting tool used to monitor location sensor temperature readings.


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