US/Canada - PicoCooler FAQ

General Questions 

What is the 365PicoPlatform brand?

The 365PicoPlatform is the all-new innovative answer for smaller and semi-public locations. The new brand of products includes the PicoCooler, PicoCooler Breeze, PicoMarket/PicoMarket+, PicoVend, and PicoVend Mini making the PicoPlatform the most versatile MicroMarket product in the industry.


Does the cooler stay locked until payment is provided? 

Locked Solution

Yes. The cooler remains locked until the consumer uses either a GMA account or a payment type to unlock the cooler. When they scan their items, they can click checkout. The device uses the form of payment they used to open the cooler, as the payment for the transaction. The cooler will then lock once again.

Unlocked Solution

No. The cooler door will remain unlocked. The Pico would just be used as the checkout device.


How does a consumer purchase a product? 

Locked Solution

There are two flows:
A. For the cooler items, consumers should:

  1. Scan their app QR code or market card to unlock the cooler.

  2. Open the cooler and get their snack(s).

  3. Scan the snack(s) on the PicoCooler.

  4. Press Account or Credit Card. If Credit Card is chosen, swipe tap or insert the card.

  5. Enjoy!

B. If you have a rack located next to the PicoCooler:

  1. Consumers can scan the items first (or with the rest of their cooler items).

  2. If the rack item is scanned first, consumers must select a form of payment, either Account or Card, and then complete the transaction.


Unlocked Solution

The cooler door remains unlocked.

  1. Consumers can open the cooler and grab their items. They can then check out on the device.


  2. Consumers can scan items from a dry-rack on the device as long as the products are entered for the location in ADM. They can then checkout on the device.

Can operators have a dry goods rack next to the cooler?

Yes, operators can have a rack located next to the cooler/PicoCooler. Consumers can scan the rack items first or scan them with the rest of their cooler items. If the rack item(s) is scanned first, consumers must then select a form of payment, either account or card, and then complete the transaction. 


What Payment types are accepted with Pico?

  • AMEX, Master Card, Visa with Tap, Chip & Swipe 
  • Discover with Tap & Chip 
  • Google, Apple, and Samsung Pay 
  • Connect & Pay and Connect & Pay Key Tags


Does the device encrypt the payment card data after the card is swiped?

Yes, it encrypts just like our other readers.


Can integrations be used with the PicoCooler?

Yes! The integration data and other nuances will be carried over and can be set in ADM by the operator. For certain integrations, User Keys must be added to the Location Summary page.
USConnect operators must contact the 365 Implementation or Support Department to fill out the USC POSID field after their device and location have been provisioned.


What backend does the operator manage the PicoCooler from?



Can an operator set up a new PicoCooler in their VMS system?

Yes, an operator may set up their product list and product pricing in their VMS, and this information will be sent to ADM automatically. We have integrations with ADM to allow for adding the device to your VMS system, and the products, pricing, and inventory will be sent over to ADM automatically. We can help configure each location at the launch of the PicoCooler or PicoVend.


How does 365 or Heartland Payment pay the operator for credit-debit card transactions at a PicoCooler device?

365 pays operators for GMA purchases made via a device on the V5 platform and/or the Connect & Pay, 365Pay, or Social Feedia apps through weekly ACH disbursements.


Is the PicoCooler sold as a single unit? 

No, the Pico device and the cooler must be ordered separately. The Pico device is shipped from 365 and the cooler is shipped directly from the cooler manufacturer.


How do operators order a PicoCooler device?

They should contact their Account Representative to place an order for a PicoCooler device. They must order the cooler directly through the cooler manufacturer.


Does the PicoCooler have menu capabilities?

Yes, the operator can manage these in ADM. See ADM - Setting Up Menus / Item Buttons.


Can consumers create and/or manage their accounts at the PicoCooler device?

Yes! Consumers can create an account and/or manage their existing accounts.


What login methods are there?

The consumer can scan their app QR code, scan their Market card or use their Email and PIN to log in to the device.


Does the PicoCooler have home commercials?

Yes, Home Commercials can be added to ADM using the same process as our other technology.


Does the PicoCooler have promotions?

Yes, PicoCooler offers the same promotion types as all of our other 365 devices.


Is there an Exit screen?

Yes, the operator can access the Exit screen by tapping the logo five times. The first time they will have to log in using their ADM credentials, after that, they will be able to use their Driver PIN for access.


What is the warranty?

The warranty is standard 12 months.


What is the RMA process?

The operator/driver will contact 365 Support to verify that all troubleshooting has been done. If Support determines that an RMA is needed, the Support agent will then submit an RMA.

Only the entire Pico device can be replaced, rather than just a component.


How is the SIM card removed?

  1. Have the operator on-site unmount the Pico device. First, they will need to unscrew one screw to remove the scanner shield. See the appropriate installation guide to see how the Pico is mounted to the cooler (Pico Installation for MinusForty Cooler or CoolBlu - PicoCooler Installation).
  2. Remove the SIM card from SIM slot 1.


When does the Cancel Report image capture?

Locked Solution

The Cancel Report image is taken at the beginning of the transaction after the payment form has been approved to unlock the cooler.

If the customer completes the transaction successfully, the picture will be deleted. If the customer cancels the transaction or the if the transaction times out, the picture will be saved and sent to the Cancel Report.


Unlocked Solution

The Cancel Report image is taken at the beginning of the interaction of the device (meaning as soon as the customer touches the screen/scans an item.)

If the customer completes the transaction successfully, the picture will be deleted. If the customer cancels the transaction or the if the transaction times out, the picture will be saved and sent to the Cancel Report.


What information is shown in the Cancel Report for PicoCooler?

If the consumer unlocks the cooler using a credit card, the following information that is specific to the PicoCooler will be included in the Cancel Report:

  • Last four digits of the credit card
  • Name on the credit card


What if the barcode scanner goes black or stops working?

Someone on-site (DOES NOT have to be an Operator or Driver) taps the logo five times, then selects Restart Barcode Scanner. This should reboot the scanner and return it to its working state.


Network Questions

What connectivity options does the PicoCooler have?

It has either a cellular or a segmented (secure) WiFi network.


What wireless service does the Pico device use?

AT&T or Verizon.
NOTE: The operator has the choice to order the Pico with the SIM card for cellular or without the SIM card for WiFi. The customer can order the SIM card at a later date if they change their mind.


Can Pico work on customer WiFi? 

Yes, the operator can connect to their secure WiFi. We recommend using segmented or dedicated WiFi.


Can Pico work with NanoConnect?

Yes, we recommend using NanoConnect if WiFi is going to be the operator’s only option.


How are the devices updated?

The devices will automatically check for updates. Operators can use the Check for Updates function on the Device Summary page.


How do you troubleshoot the device?

Rebooting the device is the best way to begin troubleshooting since there is no remote access. The operator can reboot from the Device Summary page, or they can unplug and plug back in the Payment Terminal power cord.


How will the device names appear in ADM?

They will all have the prefix picoXXXX followed by four digits.


Provisioner Questions

Are all PicoCoolers self-provisioned?

Yes, all PicoCoolers will be self-provisioned. For new customers, Implementation will still create their Org and Location; however, the operators will still provision their devices on their own.


Can operators relocate the device?

Yes! They should contact the Sales Admin team at When the request has reached Fulfillment, the operator will then be allowed to reprovision the device to a new location.


Can operators order a large batch of PicoCoolers to keep on-hand to deploy as needed?

Yes! Operators can order them and self-provision them as needed if they have at least one existing PicoCooler in their Org.


Does the tablet have to be online to provision?

Yes, it will prompt you to set up a connection as the first step using WiFi or cellular.


How long does this take?

The entire process should take from five to ten minutes.


What information will the operator need?

If they are deploying the device to an existing location, no additional information is needed. However, if they are going to create a new location where they will deploy the device, they will need the standard information regarding contacts, minor settings, etc. for the new location.

Note: The operator can change these settings later in ADM if they are not sure of them.


Can operators stage it offsite?

Yes! They can stage the device at their office or warehouse, then transport the device and re-establish the connection when it has been placed on site.


Do operators have to call to enable CC to work on their device?

No, when they provision their device the CC MID/DID is automatically set up so they will be ready to accept sales immediately!


Cooler Questions

Does 365 support the coolers?

No, the cooler manufacturer will be responsible for supporting and troubleshooting the coolers.


Where do operators purchase the coolers?

From the cooler manufacturer directly.


What is the cost of a cooler?

The cooler manufacturer will provide the pricing for the cooler.


Can the PicoCooler device work with an existing cooler?

No, operators must use MinusForty, CoolBlu, or True coolers with the PicoCooler sub-assembly kit. The cooler models are as follows:



  • Cooler: 22-USGR-F2-BLS
  • Cooler: 22-USGR-F2-BL
  • Freezer: 22-USGR-F2-BLS
  • Freezer: 22-USGR-F2-BL



  • CoolBlu Cooler Full Glass Door Propane: ACB305FDP
  • CoolBlu Cooler w/ Header Propane: ACB305HDRP
  • CoolBlu Cooler Full Glass Door Black Interior Propane: ACB305FDBP
  • CoolBlu Cooler w/ Header Black Interior Propane: ACB305HDRBP


  • TRUE- GDM-26-HC_TSL01
  • TRUE- GDM-23-HC_TSL01





Does the operator have to install the PicoCooler device on the cooler?

Yes, operators will receive the cooler and PicoCooler device separately. They will be responsible for installing the device.


Does the Pico integrate with the Health Safety Lock on the cooler?

Yes! If the cooler rises above the set threshold, the Health Safety Lock will be put in place. This will prevent consumers from being able to unlock the cooler until an operator arrives onsite to override the lockout and verify that the products are still good.


How does the operator override a Health Safety Lockout?

The operator must verify that they have checked the items for spoilage and then override the lockout from the cooler itself. If the operator does not know how to do this, they will need to contact the cooler manufacturer for instructions.


How does an operator Unlock or Lock the cooler?

Locked Solution

The operator can enter the Exit screen and log in. There they will see the Lock and Unlock buttons. They can also use the key to the cooler if needed.


Unlocked Solution

The cooler remains unlocked on the unlocked Pico unless the cooler goes over or under temp and locks out due to the Health Safety Lockout.


How does an operator activate restocking mode to avoid a Health Safety lockout?

1. They log into the Exit screen with their driver PIN.

2. Click Service Mode.

3. They can set the cooler to “restocking” mode from the cooler itself.

Note: If an operator does not know the steps to do this, they should contact the cooler manufacturer for instructions.

This will then unlock the cooler and enter it into restocking mode. The Health Safety Lockout will be delayed for a designated amount of time to avoid gaps in service when the cooler has been restocked.


What are the cooler manufacturer contact numbers?


  • US and Canada: (800) 800-5706
  • International: +1 905.702.1441


AVS (CoolBlu)

  • US and Canada: 847-709-6299



  • US & Canada: 844-746-9423



  • US & Canada: 423-803-9496