ADM - Cashier Service - Menu Creation


This document explains how to set up a Cashier-Service Dining Menu using ADM.



  1. Log into ADM
  2. From the main menu at the top of the page, select the Menu option. Then select Cashier Service from the resulting drop-down. 

  3. A page will appear and will show "Cashier Service Menu List" at the top.

  4. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a drop-down arrow that, when clicked, will list your locations. Select the location you are trying to create a menu for in that list.

  5. Once a location has been selected, click on the button to the right of it labeled as Create New.

  6. Once the new page loads, you can then Name the Menu, as well as select the Days that the menu is active and what time it’s an active menu.

  7. Once the menu has a name and when it's active, you can then add products to the menu.
    • Add Item Button
      • Will only add a button selected for one product of your choice.
    • Add Menu Button
      • Will allow you to add multiple items to the menu under the menu name of your choice.
    • Add Static Menu
      • Will allow you to add multiple items to a menu, but this menu will show up all day, even outside active hours.

  8. Once you have added Items and menus to the menu created, click Save at the bottom of the page.

  9. Then once that is saved and set up, you will need to go to the location that you selected. Select  "Location" in the top left corner, which will display the locations available, and click on the one the menu was created for.

  10. You then will need to find the products tab on the page that loaded, should be located next to Sensors and Promotions

  11. Let your product list load and search for the products you added to the menu and find the column that shows Print Group and assign the appropriate print group to the item. This ensures the item is sent to the correct part of the kitchen. Then, click save.