ADM - Static Service - Menu Creation


Static Menus designate a menu as static so that it can be active all the time, while the day part menus are then the only part to be managed. The Static Menus are treated similarly to menu services in that they are created by location and can be copied across one or more locations in which they can be edited. 


Creating a Static Menu

  1. Log into ADM

  2. Click the Menu tab, then select Static Menus.

  3. You can edit an existing Static Menu, copy an existing Static Menu, or create a new Static Menu.
    1. Clicking the Menu Name will allow you to edit the existing Static Menu for a location.

    2. Clicking the Copy button will open a prompt for you to select the location(s) to copy the static menu to and add the copied static menus to the Static Menu List screen (same menu name and same products but able to be edited as needed). 

      When adding a product, a check is run against the menu items included in the static menu to be copied and the product list(s) of each location selected. If there is one or more products from the Static Menu found to NOT be extended to the target location, the 3rd prompt shown below will display.
      • If Cancel is tapped, you will return to the Static Menu List screen with no static menus copied. If Yes is tapped, the static menu will copy to each of the locations selected but exclude any products from the static menu for any locations that may not be offering (have product extended) in their product list. See ADM - Add, Edit, or Extend a Product for instructions on extending a product to a location.
    3. Clicking the Create New button will allow you to create a new Static Menu for a location. If you are creating a new Static Menu, give the menu a name and add the desired products. The menu name does not have to be unique.
  4. Be sure to save any changes made.

  5. Once the Static Menu has been created, it must be added to the menu for the appropriate service for a location. 


Add Static Menu Buttons to Menu

Once the Static Menu has been created, it can then be added to a location's service menu. These buttons will show as standard buttons on the consumer end.

  1. Click the Menu tab, then select the desired service.

  2. Select the menu where you would like to add static buttons.

  3. Click + Add static menu

  4. This will open a prompt that includes all static menus associated to the location you are creating the menu under. ONLY this location’s static menus will appear in grid. Select one or more static menus from the grid and click Add to add the static menu(s) to your menu service.

  5. Static Menus are added to menu service and will display the name of the static menu UNEDITABLE and number of products. If you expand all for the Static Menu button, then you will see a read-only
    view of the products associated to the static menu (un-editable from the service menu).

  6. Save any changes made and run a full sync from Location Summary.


Consumer View

As an example, below is a self-service menu with Tacos and Soups menu buttons. This example also includes a Static Menu called "Daily Drinks," which includes menu buttons for Coffee & Tea, Soda, and Beverage. The text "Daily Drinks" won't show as a button on the kiosk, but the options of coffee & tea, soda, beverage will display for the customer.