CK - Kiosk Ordering Process


The purpose of this article is to outline the general process for Kiosk ordering and transferring for CK services and locations. Please see attached document for more information.


Processes Completed in Setup Manager

Please navigate to Setup Manager in the BT page. Complete the required tasks for the desired process.

New Location

  • One Setup Manger, per new Business

  • CK requires entries in the system at least 15 Business Days before scheduled ship date, and ideally 20 Business Days from opening

  • Within in the Notes Section of the setup manager, please reference:
    • Delivery contact and phone #
    • Delivery address
    • Hardware requested, please enter one of the below hardware options:
      • MM6 w BV (includes bill validator)
      • MM6 w out BV (without bill validator)
      • Sage # MM6-CK = MM6 with Bill Validator and with Fingerprint Reader
      • Sage # MM6-CK-NOX = MM6 with NO Bill Validator but has Fingerprint Reader
      • Sage # MM6-CK-NFP = MM6 with Bill Validator and NO Fingerprint Reader
      • Sage # MM6-CK-NOXP-NFP = MM6 with NO Bill Validator and NO Fingerprint Reader


Kiosk Flip Request

  • "Flip" defined as moving a Kiosk from an existing Business or closed Business to a new Business. ("Flip" to existing business – see email request)


Kiosk Transfer Request

  • "Transfer" defined as moving an existing Business, to a new, physical address whether or not it is for the same "Company."


Any Other Kiosk Order Not Associated with An Existing Business

  • "Flips" and "Transfers" require phone contact with the Support Team, at least 10 Business Days after the original Setup Manager, to complete the conversion.


Processes Completed via Email Request

Kiosk Upgrade Requests for an Existing Business 

  • Hard Drive request to upgrade software on White FEC Kiosk:
    • Request is for a hard drive for Market or Dinning Software OS Ubuntu 18.04
    • Delivery address
    • Delivery contact name and phone number
    • Business ID
    • Terminal ID
    • Shipment Date
    • Install Date

  • MM6 Hardware to upgrade Legacy Kiosk running Aeris software:
    • Request is for a MM6 Kiosk upgrade for existing Business.
    • Delivery address
    • Delivery contact name and phone number
    • Business ID
    • Terminal ID
    • Shipment Date
    • Install Date
    • MM6 Kiosk and any peripherals


To Add Additional Kiosk/s to an Existing Business

  • Please notate in your email to Support if you plan to utilize Kiosk/s that you already possess - They will need to be "Flipped." The Support Team requires an email notification at least 5 Business Days before phone contact is made to complete the conversion.

  • New Kiosk fulfillment will follow the same timeline referenced above.

CK Kiosks Setup Manager Process

To order a Kiosk, you must enter the order into our Setup Manager. By logging into our system, you have access to this from your Main Page. If this is your first kiosk order, your Operations Manager will place your first Company Kitchen kiosk order for you. Once you have received login credentials to the Company Kitchen BT System, you will have the ability to place subsequent Kiosk orders on your own. If you have questions about this process after reviewing the walk through below, please feel free to reach out to your Operations Manager or our CK Support Team. 

Use the following process to enter a unit into Setup Manager

  • From the main page of BusinessTrack (our Kiosk’s back end site) pull the lower drop-down box and change it to Setup Manager.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Add Unit

  • A blue bar will appear next to the title Blank Unit – click this bar

  • A new screen will appear with blank fields. Please complete all fields. There must be data in each field under the "General" heading, or the order will not complete.

    • For Employee Count, be sure to add an additional 50 for extra cards.

    • Opening Promo should not include a dollar sign ($)

    • In the Notes section, please notate if Setup Manager is for a "Flip" or "Transfer" from a Kiosk you have on hand.
      • Notes should also include: Delivery Address, Delivery contact and phone number, Menu information, Route, and other special circumstances

    • Install Date should reflect the actual date the customer expects the installation to begin

    • Ship Date should generally be at least 5 Business Days prior to the Install Date and at least 20 Business Days from the date you are entering the order into Setup Manager.

    • If you don’t have any information for certain fields, please enter an N/A and 0 numerical for any number (#) fields.

    • "# of Kiosks" will always be at least 1 even if the Entry is for a "Flip" or "Transfer"

    • Setup Manger entries should always have at least a 30-day lead time from date of entry to installation date! If you enter an order under 30 days to Installation, please contact your Operations Manager or the Support Team Staff to confirm the requested Installation timeline.