International - PicoMarket - Stand Unboxing for Pico Device Installation


Before international operators receive their PicoMarket devices, they are first sent to international distributors to be tested. This article provides instructions on the testing process, as well as instructions on how to repackage the devices. 


Stand Unboxing for Pico Device Installation and Testing

  1. The Pico stand will be received in a standard PicoMarket box with all appropriate packaging. Place the box in your work area with the arrows pointing upward and the 365 logo upright.

  2. Open the top flaps of the box. It should be taped all the way around.

  3. Remove the small box from the top packing foam, which contains the power components for the PicoMarket. Set this box aside.
  4. Remove the top packing foam and ethernet cable from box. Set these aside.
  5. Remove the PicoMarket stand from the box with the bottom foam attached and set it on the workbench. Remove the anti-static bag from the stand and set aside for re-boxing when needed.
  6. Remove the 4 hex head screws securing the spine cover plate to the back of the PicoMarket stand using an 1/8” hex wrench. Do not remove the bottom four screws. Additionally, do not discard these screws, as you will need them for the re-install process.
  7. Remove the spine plate and set aside, taking care not to stretch the attached wires.

  8. Remove the red hardware in the base of the PicoMarket stand, behind the spine plate. This contains the 4 screws necessary to attach the Pico device to the stand. 
  9. Remove the phillips head screw on the upper cover of the PicoMarket stand and slide the cover upward and off the stand. Set this aside.
  10. Follow the work instruction PicoMarket International Assembly Instructions to complete the installation of the Pico device into the PicoMarket. Steps 1 and Step 2 have been completed by following the above steps. Make sure to install the power cable and test the PicoMarket prior to sending it to the customer.


Updating the Pico

  1. Power on the Pico

  2. Connect the Pico to the internet using WLAN or Ethernet. The Setup App will be displayed.
    • Select  Setup Network

    • When present on the Setup Connection page, you can select the network you would prefer to work on and any necessary credentials. 

  3. Within Android, locate the application labeled Mobile Agent and start that application.

  4. Here you will be navigated to the Mobile Agent page.

  5. When on the Mobile Agent page, you may see some updates actively occurring. At this point, no user interaction is needed. 

  6. If the Mobile Agent is not detecting that any updates are needed, please engage the button Check for updates.

  7. The Check for updates button will check for updates and when finished will begin updating the various applications.

  8. It is expected during the update process that the Pico will go through one-to-many restarts.

  9. After all the updates have concluded the Pico will be ready and up to date.


Re-boxing for Shipment to Operator

Now that the Pico device has been installed and tested, it is ready to be repacked and sent to the operator.

  1. Place the anti-static bag back over the device

  2. Slide PicoMarket back into the box with the bottom packaging foam attached
  3. Place the ethernet cable back into the box with the PicoMarket
  4. Replace the top packing foam, making sure to align the relief in the foam for the top of the PicoMarket stand to the stand itself. When correctly installed, the top edge of the top packing foam should be flush with the top edge of the box as shown.
  5. Place the power components in their box (if removed) and insert the box into the recess at the top of the upper packing foam. 
  6. Close the box and re-tape using the “H Taping” method, taping all 3 seams of the box with heavy-duty packing tape. The unit is now ready to ship.