Parlevel - Alerts Intro


Active alerts generated in the past 24 hours are located in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, appearing simply as . This is visible from any screen of the VMS. If you have breakdown alerts, a red alert box is displayed in the lower right corner of the Overview screen. Click the alert box to view the POS with Issues page. For information about the POS With Issues page, see Basic Analytics: Vending Operations.

To view details of the Active Alerts, click the in the upper right of the navigation bar, which will take you to the Machine Alerts page.

To display alerts from other dates, click to adjust the From and To fields. The page will update automatically.

To solve or delete selected alerts or export the machine alerts list, click Options and select the appropriate choice from the drop down menu. The buttons Alert Groups and Tech Tickets will take you to their respective pages.

For information about alert groups and descriptions of each alert, see Alert groups.

You can create a tech ticket from an active alert by clicking the Additional Actions dropdown on the far right of the appropriate alert, and selecting Create Ticket. A pop-up will appear asking for detail to post in the ticket.

Explanation of Machine Alerts columns from left to right

  • Asset #: The customer-assigned unique number of the machine.

  • Category: The category of alert, e.g. Breakdown, Inventory, DEX Issue, etc.

  • Route: The route that the machine is assigned to.

  • Location: The location that the machine is assigned to.

  • Machine: The name of the machine, which is a clickable link that opens the machine view.

  • Type: The type of alert generated by the system, more precise than the Category column. For more information on the alert types, see here.

  • Description: This is a short description of the alert, depending on its type and category. It may list how long an issue has been recurring, in what slots the DEX is listing a Price Mismatch, or other clarifications.

  • Notes: The number of notes added about the alert.

  • Reported: The date and time the alert was reported.

  • Tech Ticket: To create a tech ticket for the alert, click the dropdown on the far right and select Create Ticket. To view a tech ticket for the alert that is open, click the red .

  • Status: This icon indicates the alert is Active or Solved .

  • Action: To mark the alert as solved, click . To delete the alert, click . To create a Tech Ticket or view the Machine Notes, click the dropdown.