Parlevel - Cancelling with Parlevel Systems


This article explains the Parlevel cancelation process. If you are considering cancelling with Parlevel Systems, we highly recommend you reach out to our billing department first. They may be able to work with you on alternative solutions.



  1. To contact our billing department, email or call 210-200-8873 (option 3). In addition, you can ask a Support team member to have them contact you, or create your own ticket from the Customer Support platform. In any of those cases, they will respond by emailing you back with a notification of intent to cancel, as well as any outstanding balances and the cancellation fee.

    • These balances must be paid before proceeding. If the billing department does not hear back from you within a week of the email, you will be given a phone call.

  2. For 3G ParPay devices to be deactivated, you will need to fill out the iPayment cancellation form, which is attached to this article. Send this form to and cc: support@parlevelsystems or a Customer Success representative, who will ensure the devices are deactivated. If you have Nayax devices purchased through Parlevel, then these will also be deactivated and the billing department will be alerted of the change in your payment plan. If you wish to deactivate a device to prevent further charges without cancelling, you will need to submit a deactivation form for the device(s) that you do not wish to use. 

This process may take some time and requires effective communication between your company and our team. We appreciate your patience and will be sad to see you go.