Parlevel - Micro Market / koin Use Guide

 Creating Your Wallet

  1. Select the My Wallet option from the Main Menu
  2. Select the gold Create a Wallet button at the bottom
  3. Enter the fields that apply (User Number, PIN, Email, and Name)
  4. Press Sign Up button one more time to create wallet


Registering A Fingerprint

  1. Select the Wallet option from the Main Menu
  2. Enter Wallet by logging in (Email & Name)
  3. Once logged in, hit (Your Username) Wallet
  4. Select the Register Print icon to begin
  5. Press Finger onto reader
  6. For better accuracy, you must press your finger multiple times


Making a Purchase

  1. Scan items or select from the menu. Cart will display items in the order they were added
  2. If you would like to remove an item, select Remove.
  3. To increase the quantity of a certain item, select the + icon
  4. To empty the cart of ALL products, select Clear Cart on the bottom right
  5. Select Checkout Now when ready
  6. Select method of payment


  1. Swipe card to pay when ready
  2. If the screen displays the "Please complete purchase at card reader" message, then please follow the instructions on the card reader to complete transaction
  3. If the screen displays the following message, then your card was not authorized, the transaction was not completed, and you will need to try again or select a different method of payment

parlevel kiosk card reader error


Cash (Kiosk does NOT give change)

If cash inserted exceeds the order total, you will receive a warning that any remaining change will be deposited to your wallet or choose to forfeit change



  1.  Access Wallet
  2. If Wallet balance is enough to cover the total, the total will be subtracted from the balance
  3. If Wallet balance is not enough, then you will need to choose a second form of payment to cover remaining balance


If the kiosk screen displays the green screen below, then the transaction has been completed.

However, if the kiosk screen displays the following red screen, then your transaction was canceled. You will need to retry the transaction again to complete your purchase.

parlevel kiosk canceled transaction


Send Feedback

Select the Send Feedback button at the bottom of the screen. 

You can send feedback, request a refund, report damage or other concerns with the kiosk, which will be sent immediately to the kiosk operator. 


Scanned Products Could Not Be Identified

  1. Select Browse Products when an item cannot be identified by scanner, and open product catalog by selecting Add Item from the cart screen
  2. Search by scrolling through the catalog OR type the product name into the search bar



  1. Download the Parlevel koin app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
  2. Sign up
  3. Scan the kiosk's QR Code on the bottom right of the screen
  4. Fill out the registration form


Using koin Log In

  1. Open the koin App
  2. Select Pay at the bottom of the screen
  3. Scan the QR Code on the kiosk with your phone to log in


koin Mobile Purchases

Check with your operator to see if your market is compatible

  1. Select the icon at the top left of the screen
  2. Select Markets
  3. Select the market you are located at
  4. For your first purchase, select the  icon at the top left and then scan the QR Code at the bottom right of the kiosk screen
  5. Select the barcode icon and scan a product OR select a product from the list to add to the cart
  6. Once finished, go to the cart and select Buy


Reloading Wallet

  1. Select Reload located at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select Payment Type 
  3. Add credit card information
  4. Select amount to reload

There is an option for reoccurring automatic reloads in your Account section


Viewing Purchase History

  1. Select the icon at the top left of the screen
  2. Select History
  3. Select any transaction to expand its details


Change Account Settings

  1. Select the icon at the top left of the screen
  2. Select Account
  3. You may change receipt and auto-reload preferences here



Use the attached PDF on the left to inform your micro market account of how to use the kiosk and the koin application.