Parlevel - Troubleshooting Network Failure on a Kiosk

1. Verify network status on the hardware test page, which will show after a reboot or can be run after logging in as a driver and selecting the Hardware Test option. 

2. If connected via Wifi, ensure the network is properly configured through the Configuring Wireless on a Kiosk article steps. If it is connected via a wired connection, double-check that the network cable is firmly plugged in.

3. Tap the kiosk app to ensure active, then exit it by pressing Ctrl + Q. Press Windows + M to bring up the menu and select Web Browser to launch browser window.

4. Type into the address bar and press Enter.

5.  A. If you see the message, “PLVMS-Inbound Online.”, then the network is working. Restart the kiosk application by bringing up the menu and selecting Kiosk, and then verify the network status comes up with a green .

     B. If you do not see this message, the network may need additional configuration or the location's network may be blocking some outbound requests, and you must contact the location's network or IT administrator for additional assistance. For a list of the requirements for a kiosk's network, please see here.