LightSpeed - Product Overrides and Swaps Overview


This article provides a general overview of LightSpeed Product Overrides and Swaps. Product Swaps and Overrides can be used to temporarily substitute items in a pick to accommodate supply line issues or other such events.

For more information, please see the Product Overrides Basics PDF in the attachments of this article. 


Product Overrides

Product overrides are manually set before picking orders, and will always override one product with another when it is called to be picked. These are typically used for products that are going out of service but still appear on orders, or for known long-term shortages where products may not be available for several days or weeks.

Overrides are set by date ranges, so the calendar at the top of the page will allow you to select dates and see what overrides are (or were) active for any given date range. By default, historical overrides are removed after 3 months following the end date of the override. Overrides are pruned using the same process as historical orders, to save disk space on the server.

  1. Login to LSAdmin

  2. From the main menu, select Lightspeed Settings, then select Product Overrides from the resulting drop-down menu
    Lightspeed Main Menu - Lightspeed Settings, Product Overrides.png

  3. Select the zone for your product override. You will now see all the overrides that currently apply to that zone. To add a new override, select the Add New Override link on the bottom-left.

  4. A new window will appear. Select the product to be overridden from the box on the left, and the product to override it with on the right. The start date can be selected from the left dropdown, and the end date on the right. It is possible to set overrides in the future, if desired.

  5. Once you’ve selected the items you want to override, and the dates for the override, click Save in the bottom right. This will then take you back to the override page, with overrides for today’s date visible. If you’ve set the override for the future, you can click that date on the calendar to view overrides for that date.image006.png

  6. If you’d like to remove or change an override, click on the Edit link on the right side of the override’s information, and make any changes you’d like. If editing the data, you can then click Save.


Suggested Product Swaps

Product swaps are set up before picking orders, but are optional for the picker, and exist mainly to replace products in the case of a temporarily out-of-stock product.

  1. To use product swaps, select Lightspeed Settings from the main menu, then Pick Zone Edit from the resulting drop-down menu. 

  2. In the column for the zone you are interested in, select Allow Product Swap

  3. With that enabled, you can now configure the suggestions themselves by navigating to Lightspeed Settings in the main menu, and selecting the Product Suggested Substitutions option from the drop-down list.

  4. Search for a product in the top / “Products” box, select it, then click “Add” in the top left. You can now add substitution suggestions to it through the bottom box. In this example, the selected product (DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER – 16 – F) is allowed to swap to the product CHEESEBURGER – 16 – D.


Product swaps will appear on the iPads as a button labeled Product Swaps during picking. This can also be done through the Product Placement menu by selecting View Product List. If the user does not have any of the requested item, or needs to swap for some other reason, they can press this button, and then select an item from a list which will appear. They will then be prompted to pick that instead.