LightSpeed - Using Product and Employee Reports to Research Issues


The purpose of this article is to outline the potential troubleshooting purposes of reports and reporting functions on LightSpeed services. Please see attached public training documents for further information. Depending on your organization and login settings, different reports may be available. Each Report can be exported to Excel, PDF, or Word file types or printed to a full-page (8x11 inch) printer. 


This article will primarily focus on Product and Employee Productivity reports in the Standard Reports tab.



Product Reports

There may be times you need to identify quantities of product being sent to Lightspeed, picked, etc. You may even need to confirm what products are being substituted or even ‘shorted’. The following reports will likely be able to give you details into these subjects:


Total Products by Days

This report gives you a list of all products ordered broken down by cases and singles. It has a bulk rounding feature to have even numbers and can also be broken down by Zone.

Product Picked by Date Range

Report based on a date range, zone, route and product categories. This report generates a list of all products picked within a date range. All selected variables can be further focused based upon Operator needs. The report returns the total ordered and total picked for each product. It includes a total of all specified information as well.

Product List

This report gives a list of all products for a specified zone and their locations. It tells you their product category and case count as well. This tool is useful when looking for a specific product and determining with product category it is in. The search tool at the top allows you to quickly find data without going through all pages.

Route Summary by Zone

This report gives a summary of each route for a specified single zone. It shows total picking time, total numbers of orders, how much was picked and the average picks/cases by hour. You can also see how many unique Customers, Locations, Machines, Products and Totes per route!

Changed Products

This report shows products that were swapped due to an override or substitution, selected by a date range and Branch (if applicable). It displays the Customer Number, Route, Location and Point of Sales (POS) as well.

Products with Changed Quantity

This report gives a list of all products with changed quantities by route. It’s based on the order date of the order, not the picked date. This report shows such products by date, route and zone.

Products with Zero Quantity

This report shows all orders that had a product reduced to 0. This report is run on a date range and can be used for ordering and forecasting to avoid running out of product. It shows the original order count, the row/coil and the quantity ordered. There are additional filters with this report that may be branch dependent.


Employee Monitoring Reports

If productivity is your focus, a number of reports are available that can track speed of picks, time taken to pick an order/route, as well as assist in identifying picking errors. Four major reports are detailed below:

Route Detail by Zone

This report gives details for every order brought into LightSpeed that is picked in a specified zone. It displays time of first pick as well as the completed time. Based on order date and route, this report is useful to pinpoint potential bottlenecks or issues along the pick line.

Employee Picks - Quantities

This report gives a detailed list of all products picked by an employee. Based on date range, this tool is useful to determine how many items an employee pulled in their workday. It also shows individual products, what was ordered and what was picked.

Employee Picks by Zone

Based on order date, this report shows all employees by zone, their pick times from start to finish, total items pulled and the calculated pick time. This report is useful for reviewing picker productivity (or lack thereof).

Employee Time by Date

This report is based on the pick dates chosen and generates a list of all picking time per employee. This report lists first pick, last pick, clock time and pick time. Clock time represents being logged into iPad but not actively picking a route. Note that this report reflects users that login to the app with their number code, so if pickers share a code this report will not differentiate the actual person.