Freedom Pay Lane3000 - Upgrade Instructions Operator Guide


The FreedomPay Lane3000 credit card reader upgrade kit is intended for use on ReadyTouch kiosks that meet certain prerequisites.

Before beginning the upgrade, please call or email 365 Support, provide them with the serial number (KSK____) of the device you intend to upgrade, and ask them to verify the following 4 things:

  1. That the kiosk is a ReadyTouch kiosk (not a Gen2, MM6, or Avanti kiosk) using an IPP320 credit card reader
  2. That the RTs operating system is Ubuntu 20.04 or newer
    • If the OS is Ubuntu 14.04, please follow the steps in the Ready Touch - Elo X3 Ubuntu Upgrade article. This process will require a USB thumb drive, provided by 365 Retail Markets, that contains a free OS upgrade
  3. That the RT unit is running the POS software version 220601 or newer
    • If it is on an older version, Support can schedule an upgrade to run overnight that will bring your kiosk up to this version
  4. That the RT is not utilizing a Pole Display. If it does, that means that your kiosk model is ELO AiO X3, and it must be disconnected for the CC upgrade to work successfully. Disconnecting it is a fast and easy process. Completely removing it will depend on what hardware was used to bolt it to the countertop.

If support clears those four points, you can continue with the upgrade.

Upgrade Process

Initial Steps

  • Batch out the IPP320
    1. Press the green Enter key on the keypad
    2. Scroll down and select 4-Settlement
    3. Enter the Adminpassword. This is set to Q1111111, unless it was changed when the market was set up.
      Note: Press the F key to toggle between numbers and letters on a key.
      Do NOT disconnect the IPP320 until instructed to by 365 Support!
  • Call 365 Support to tell them the serial number of the kiosk you are upgrading, that you have batched out the old device, and request that they update ADM to utilize the new Credit Card Processor.
    1. Support will update the CC Processor, Store ID, and Terminal ID for your location/device in ADM.
    2. Support will full-sync your kiosk and then send a shutdown command.
    3. Support will ask you to verify that the kiosk has shut down, and instruct you to perform the hardware upgrade.

Upgrading Steps

  1. Unplug the IPP320 from power, and unplug it from the network switch.
    • If it was the only device utilizing the network switch, you can also remove the network switch
  2. Plug the Lane3000 into one of the open USB slots on the bottom of the RT unit. Arrange things how you want them on the counter, and then turn the RT unit back on.
  3. Tell the Support agent that the kiosk is booting back up. When it is online, they will remote into it to run the final setup steps.
    • Support will run three command line programs, which will install a necessary application, update the kiosk setup scripts, and update the Lane3000 card readers firmware. The Lane 3000 may or may not reboot at the end of this process.
    • Support will verify that the kiosk appears online and then ask you to perform a test transaction.
  4. Scan any product and attempt to purchase it with a credit/debit card. Support can then void this transaction: it will appear on your card statement as “pending,” but will disappear at midnight when the batch settles.