Setting up Cafe Menu - CK


To guide users on how to set up Cafe Menu and Timeslots for their Cafe Kiosks.


Setting up the Menu

To start off with, menu items must be added into BusinessTrack (BT).

From the Home page in BT, select the business you are setting up the menu for. You will then need to go to Menus from the links at the top of the page, and select the POS Menu tab. You will see the page below, with Menus and POS Menu highlighted.



If you have any active items already, the white box on the left will be populated. You can click on [ALL ITEMS] at the bottom of the box to display active and inactive items.


Before you begin filling out your item information, look at where the Add/Cancel button should be. If the Add button says Save instead, press the Cancel button to clear the form and start from scratch. Then you can fill in the fields.

  • Item Name: name of the product being sold
  • Item Code: used for inventory/sales management. If you don't have an Item Code, you can use the Item Name without spaces. Item Codes cannot be duplicated in the menu.
  • UPC: Cafe items typically don't have UPC barcodes. This field must be filled out, but you can copy what was put in Item Code. UPCs cannot be duplicated in the menu.
  • Sale Unit: Leave as Each unless your item will be weighed on a scale. Weighted items will be in pounds(lbs) and the scale must be set appropriately.
  • Group: Set to Cafe