Driver Login Screen and Exit Screen Feature


The purpose of this document is to direct on using the Driver Login screen, which is sometimes referenced as the Exit Screen.



What You Need

To access the Driver Login screen, you will need an ADM account with a PIN. The PIN can be found by locating the account information in ADM.


Locating the PIN

  1. Log in to ADM and navigate to the Admin tab. Select the Users and Roles option.

  2. Once you are on the Users and Roles page, locate the account in question and select it.

  3. Once you are on the selected account page, you will see the PIN field for the account. This is the PIN you will need to log in to the Driver Login screen.



Accessing the "Driver Login" Screen

  1. While on the main screen of the kiosk, tap on the top left-hand of the screen 5 times in quick succession. This will take you to the Driver Login screen. Enter the PIN and select Login.

  2. The Driver Menu screen will appear, displaying several different options. One of these options, Relaunch Kiosk Setup App, will allow you to test your peripherals and network, and can re-provision your kiosk, depending on the situation.