Avanti - Fresh Food Scheduling Tool


The fresh food scheduling tool allows you to have food items show up on your restock orders along with products that are restocked using the min/max par level.  We have streamlined this process by giving you the ability to quickly change a product that is using the min/max par level to a scheduled product. There are two ways to implement the fresh food schedule, using the scheduled inventory tool or the import schedule tool.   

Set-Up for Scheduling a Product  

Scheduling products must be updated at the market location and cannot be done at the ORG level.  

Go to Markets > Locations

Select the market location that you would like to implement the food scheduling tool. 

Select Products

If you would like to select Fresh Food products select Product Category Filter > Fresh Food

Notice the Scheduled Restock column on the far right of the screen.  

To change a product from using the min/max par level to a scheduled product restock just check each product you wish to be used in the scheduling tool as seen below.  

Using Scheduled Inventory Tool 

Once you have selected all the products you would like to be included in the scheduled restock please go to Locations > Select the Market Location you are creating the food scheduling for (in this example, Acme Café) 

Select Scheduled Inventory 

Enter the number of items on the days you would like them to show up on the planned restock orders.  

The restock amounts will automatically save when the fields are populated. 

Your scheduled items will now show up on your regular planned restocked orders for the days you selected.  

Import Schedule Tool 

Some customers may want to manage their fresh food items using the Scheduled Inventory grid view feature, but we have included an import tool that allows you to copy and paste your newly updated scheduled items as well.  Please find the image of the Excel Template, but be sure to locate this with the Food Scheduling Guide How To.  

IMPORTANT: All products must be created in AMS, extended, and marked as a scheduled product prior to using the import tool.  

Go to Inventory > Import Schedule  

Select market location that you would like to import your newly scheduled products into.  

Using Avanti Markets Import Schedule Template > Copy and Paste the products, scan code, and scheduled product dates into the import field.  Please DO NOT copy the header description such as Scan Code, Product, and the days of the week, this will cause an error to occur.  

Once complete select Import  

Once the Import button has been selected you will be presented with a list of successfully imported products as well as any products with errors.   

How to fix Items with Errors 

Item Not Extended to Location: The example above shows that AM 1000 Island Side Salad had not been extended to the location, so it will need to be extended to the market location and marked as a scheduled product in order to have it show up in the product restocks list. Refer back to the first steps under Scheduling Fresh Food Items.   

Item Not Marked for Scheduling: The example above shows that AM Chef Grilled Chicken Salad had not been marked for scheduling. This means it was extended to the location, but not marked as a scheduled product in order to have it show up in the product restocks list.  

If an item was imported into the list by mistake you can click on the Update Schedule button to update the scheduled products.  If you want to include the AM 1000 Island Side Salad you can select Return to Import Inventory button, which will allow you to extend and schedule the product at the desired market locations before importing the product list again.  

Once ready to update select Update Schedule.  

The fresh food items will display the number of items that were successfully imported to the product schedule.  


Imported products using the import tool as explained in this module will show up in the planned restock orders.

Avanti Markets also allows you to use this feature as a product push function.  Avanti Support can change a setting at the market location that will give operators the ability to use the import tool as a product push function.  This Import Schedule feature can be used as either the planned scheduled restock, or a push function for products marked as Scheduled Restock.  This feature CANNOT be used to perform both at the same market location.  

We created this push function for customers using Lightspeed since most customers are pulling their fresh food orders separately.  Changing the Import Scheduling tool into a push feature will allow customers to pull their traditional products using the min/max par levels and pushing their fresh food products using the import tool as a push function.