Avanti - Stale Market Users

Introduction to Stale Market Users 

As time goes on, you may have users who stop using their market card despite still having a balance on the card.  Over time this can amount to a sizable chunk of money that is just hanging around unlikely to be used any time soon, if ever.  At some point, you will want to clean out what we call Stale Market Users or just Stale Users from the system without removing them in case they come back and want their balance restored 

We conveniently allow you to identify which users you should mark as stale based on their last activity date and give you options as to what to do about their balance.  You can even Un-Stale a user and restore their balance. 

Have a look through this guide to learn more about stale market users and how best to interact with them inside of AMS. 



  • Avanti Market Systems – Abbreviated AMS. Administration website for an Avanti market 
  • Market User – A user who has created a My Market Card (MMC) account. 
  • Market Card – An Avanti Markets user card that contains a barcode, corresponding to a user’s account. 
  • Fresh Market User – User who is not marked as stale.  Can actively use their market card. 
  • Stale Market User – A user who has been marked as stale via AMS, typically a user is marked as stale due to lack of activity.  Market Card is disabled. 
  • Balance – Market user’s market card balance. 
  • Pre-Stale Balance – Market users’ market card balance before they were marked as stale (if the balance was zeroed out when marking them as stale.) 
  • Activity – Any transactions, logins, or recharges via a Kiosk, MMC, or the Mobile App. 
  • Zero out market user balance – Debit the user’s balance equal to their current balance, resulting in a market balance of $0.00, and add an equivalent amount to their Pre-Stale Balance.
  • Stale Status (Fresh) – Shown in all financial-related reports besides the stale user report. 
  • Stale Status (Stale) – Removed from Market Float Summary report.  


Getting Started 

Get to the Find Stale Market Users page to find and mark/unmark users as stale. 

  1. Log into AMS 

  2. Navigate to MARKETS > USERS  

  3. Click the MARK USERS AS STALE button 

  4. Notice, you are now on the Find Stale Market Users page 

Searching for Stale Market Users 

From the Find Stale Market Users page, you can search for stale users at a particular location. 

Note: In order To determine if a user is stale, you must first decide what constitutes a stale user.  This is entirely up to you It could be 1 month it could be 1 year.  You will simply choose the date in the past that corresponds to your definition of stale.  . The default selected date is 6 months from the current date. 

Example:  If you determine a market user should be marked as stale if they have not had any activity in the last 6 months you would set the Last Activity Date Before to a date 6 months in the past.   

  1. Choose a Location 
  2. Choose a Last Activity Date Before that is X months/days/years in the past to fit your definition of Stale 
    Optional:  Filter Market Users Types to Include only specific types of users 
  3. If no filtering is desired check the Select All checkbox, otherwise choose the desired user types. 
  4. Click Next 
  5. You will now be taken to the Select Users screen 
  6. You will see details on each user as well as  the criteria you selected to generate the list of stale users 
  7. Notice the Balance, Pre-Stale Balanceand Last Activity.  These will be your indicators that you have successfully found relevant stale users. 

Mark one or more Users as Stale 

  1. Select individual users or select all users by using the checkboxes on the Select Users page.  

     check the Zero out market user balance checkbox if you want to zero out the users balance once they are market at stale.   

    Note: the user balance will now be reflected in the Pre-Stale Balance if you zero out the market user balance. 
  2. To ensure users do not mistakenly get marked as stale a dialog will be presented that tells you how many users will be marked as stale and will require you to type in the word STALE in order to continue and mark the market users as stale. 

  3. Once the user(s) have been marked as stale, you will be taken back to the Find Stale Market Users and see the following message. 

Un-Stale a Market User 

  1. Navigate to the Market Users page. 
  2. Go to MARKETS > USERS 
  3. Choose All Locations 
  4. Choose Stale from the User Status dropdown 
  5. Uncheck all other options from the User Status dropdown 
    Optional: Add any uniquely identifying information for the user.  i.e. Market Card #, First/Last Name, or Email 
  6. Click Search 
  7. Find and click the user in the list 
  8. Notice the user’s details will show up at the top of the page. 
  9. Click Edit 
  10. From the Edit Market User for: [market user name] screen you can change the Stale Status from the dropdown menu 
  11. Once you do so you will be presented with a confirmation dialog 
    Note: The market users' balance will be set to $0.00 by default when marking them as fresh.  
    Optional: You can choose to Resurrect market user balance when marking the user as Fresh. This will result in the user’s Balance being replaced with their Pre-Stale Balance.
  12. You MUST click UPDATE in order to save the changes to the user
  13. Once the user has been updated you will see the following message.