Avanti Mobile App - Operator Support Document

How to login with an existing MMC account 

  1. From the home screen, tap “Already have an Avanti Account?” 
  2. Click Enter the MMC username and password 
  3. Use the app to pay, reload and see offers 


How to use mobile first registration feature 

  1. Tap Join Now 
  2. Enter your full name, email, phone, password 
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and click Register 
  4. A verification email will be sent to your email (check your spam filter) 

  5. Click the link in the email to verify your email address 

  6. Return to the mobile application and enter your username and password 
  7. Your mobile app is now ready to pre-load the card, associate with an existing MMC account or Physical card, and to pay at a Kiosk 

How to add physical scancode before activation 

  1. Complete Mobile First registration without activating the card at a kiosk (i.e. don’t swipe the card at a kiosk yet) 
  2. Navigate to the pay tab 
  3. Click “Add Existing Scancode 
  4. Enter the scancode manually or use the camera to scan the card with your phone 
  5. If we find that the account on file matches your first & last name or your email, the card will be associated with your new account and the balance will be transferred. 
  6. Note: You may have to change your first name, last name, or email in My Account in order to validate the added scancode belongs to you. 
  7. What to do if that doesn't work? See “How to associate physical cards with a virtual card number that has been activated.” 

How to associate physical cards with a virtual card number that has been activated 

  1. Once a user has activated their virtual account they cannot use the add a card feature in the mobile application 
  2. Merging will have be done manually in AMS 
  3. Step 1: Find the users old physical card in AMS. AMS > Markets > Users > Scancode > Search 
  4. Note: the scancode and balance for the user. Adjust the balance to zero and disable the user account. 
  5. Step 2: Find the user's virtual account (mobile Pay screen bar code number) in AMS.  AMS > Markets > Users > Scancode > Search 
  6. Add the aforementioned physical scancode to the user and adjust their balance to add the balance from their old card. 
  7. Done. (rinse and repeat if the user has multiple scancodes or accounts with the same scancode at different locations)

How to pay 

  1. Login and simply navigate to the pay tab at the bottom of the screen to reveal your barcode which you will swipe at the kiosk at the time of purchase.

How to (pre)reload 

  1. Go to the reload tab at the bottom of the screen 
  2. Select a reload amount 
  3. Select to Add a card 
  4. Enter your card information 
  5. Your card will be recharged with the selected amount 

 Note: it can take up to a few minutes for the balance to update, though it usually only takes a few seconds. Either way, your reload has gone through and you can make a purchase. The system will catch up after your purchase if the balance hasn't yet updated on your mobile app 

How do I see what was pre-loaded? 

  1. You will see a pre-activation balance transfer in various reports 

How do users activate their mobile first registration? 

  1. The first time they swipe their un-activated virtual card at a kiosk they will be associated with that location 
  2. Done. 

What has changed in reports? 

 We show if the card being used for a transaction is a virtual card (Virtual Card? column added) in the following places: 

  • Market User Ledger 
  • Market User Sales Report 
  • Cashflow Report

Pre activation balance transfer will show up in the following places 

  • Market User Ledger 
  • New Action Type in Cash Flow Report 
  • Calculated in OpFee Report Net Due Fees 

Increasing Consumer Participation 

The Avanti Market’s Marketing Team has provided operators with an extensive marketing toolkit, which includes assets that will encourage consumers to take advantage of this convenient way of purchasing at your micro market and managing their market user account. 


Avanti Institute Resources 

The following resources are available on the Avanti Institute. 


  • Mobile app promo video for market users ( 
  • Promo posters 
  • Kiosk commercials 
  • Cooler cling decal 
  • Table tent 
  • Email templates for host location communication 

 QR Codes 

Link directly to the App Store® and the Google Play™ store to download the Avanti Market Mobile App. Do the following: 

Select and highlight the QR Code image, right-click the selected image, select Save Image As, and then save the file locally on your computer. 

 App Store®

Google Play™ 

Insert these QR Code image files on any marketing material to promote downloading the Avanti Markets Mobile App.


Sample Social Media Posts 

Copy and paste any of the following text into your social media accounts:  


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