Avanti - AMS Campaign Promotions

Buy X get Y

Operators do not have the ability to create buy x get y and price override does not exist.  If an operator wants to push out a buy X get Y free promo they can send a request to Avanti Support to set up a buy X get Y.   Please keep in mind the buy x get y promos are not supported at USC locations.  Operator managed percentage and fixed amount discounts are.

Creating Campaign Promotions for Product Groups

Create campaign promotions when you want to discount products, such as when products on your shelves may expire soon. You can discount the price by a percentage or by a specific dollar amount. Creating campaign promotions for discounted products, may first involve creating a product group.


Only Avanti Markets Corporate can add sponsored and buy-one-get-one promotions. Operators can only add promotions involving percentage off and dollar amount discounts.

Create Product Groups

  1. Log into AMS, and navigate to your DASHBOARD.
  2. On the menu bar, click CAMPAIGNS, and then select PRODUCT GROUPS.
    You can search for an existing product group and add a campaign promotion, or create a new product group for your campaign promotion.
  3. Click CREATE PRODUCT GROUP, enter a Name, and then click ADD PRODUCTS.
  4. On the Select Products for Product Group popup menu, click to select each product for your product group, and then click UPDATE PRODUCT GROUP.
    TIP: You can sort the product list by Category, or Search the list by name.
  5. Review all the products in your group, and then click CREATE.
  6. To change an existing product group, on the Menu bar, click CAMPAIGNS, select Product Groups, click a product group from the list to open, and then do the following:
    1. To remove a product, click REMOVE next to the product item listed.
    2. To add/change associated products in a group, click ADD PRODUCTS. The Product List menu appears.
  7. Click to select/clear product items, and then click UPDATE PRODUCT GROUP.

Creating a Promotion

  1. Once you create a product group, on the menu bar, click CAMPAIGNS, and then select PROMOTIONS from the list.
  2. Click CREATE PROMOTION, complete the following information, and then click SAVE:

Promotion Display

Text Box Description
Name Enter the name of your promotion; such as, 10% off Core Power protein drinks.
Description Enter a short description of the promotion; for example, Receive 10% off with every purchase of Core Power.
Fine Print Optional: Enter any legal restrictions or verbiage associated with this promotion; for example, Applies to Core Power products only.
Internal Name Internal use only: Enter a name used for reporting purposes.


Promotion Duration

Text Box Description
Start Date Enter the start date of the promotion.
End Date Enter the end date of the promotion. Click to select the No End Date check box, if this promotion is on-going.
Recurrence Expand the drop-down menu and select one of the following:
• One Time (ongoing)
• Daily, and then set start/end times. For example, to run all day enter 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.
• Weekly, enter a value for Recurs every weeks(s) on. Enter 0 for every week, 1 for every other week, 2 for every two weeks, and so forth. Click to select the Day(s) of the week to run this promotion, and then enter the begin and end. For example, to run all day enter 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

Daily Reoccurring Promotion


Weekly promotion by day and time


Promotion Rules

Text Box Description
Promotion Type Expand the drop-down menu and select one of the following;
• Percentage, enter an amount in percent.
• Amount, enter a dollar amount.
Discount Amount Enter the amount in percent or dollars, and then expand the Apply to drop-down menu and select Applied to Cart or Applied to Item. The amount entered is applied to either the entire shopping cart or just the items selected in an associated product group.
Conditions In the text box, enter a quantity or the minimum number of items a customer must buy to receive the discount, and then expand the Select a Product Group drop-down menu and select your product group(s) from the list.
Click ADD to associate more product groups to this promotion. To remove product groups, click the X next to the group listed.


Promotion Examples

Combo meal

Please note there are three product groups included in this 15% Combo meal. Consumers will need to purchase a qualifying product within the fresh food, drinks, and chips product groups in order to receive the discount.


BoGo (Buy One Get One) Example:

The conditions field was changed to QTY of 2 for the Red Bull product group. This promotion will only be triggered when the consumer scans two Red Bulls to receive the 50% discount for the second like item purchased. Please note there is pop up text informing the operator that Red Bull is actively being used in another promotion that could potentially cause a conflict.


Other promotions such as targeted product promos, 30% off 2, breakfast bundles, or afternoon snack bundle can be created with this feature. This is a very flexible feature allowing you to be creative with your go to market strategy.

Locations for promotion

Text Box Description
Add Locations

Click Add Location, click to select location(s) from the list, and then click CONFIRM.

NOTE: Verify that the products are available at the location(s) you select.

To remove locations, click REMOVE next to location(s) listed.


Managing Promotions for Product Groups

1. On the menu bar, click CAMPAIGNS, and then select PROMOTIONS from the list.
2. Click the promotion in the list to open.
3. Change the information, and then click UPDATE, or click DELETE to remove.
IMPORTANT: In the Promotion Rules pane, you may see a Source text box. Operators cannot select this option. This option is for Avanti Markets Corp. use only.
4. To remove a product group from a promotion, in the Promotion Rules pane, in the Conditions text box click the X next to the product group(s) listed.
Or, to remove a promotion from a product group, on the Menu bar, click CAMPAIGNS, select Product Groups from the list, and then click a product group to open. The associated promotion appears at the bottom. Click REMOVE.



Promotions by location report: This report allows you to track all your operator managed promotions.

This report tracks the number of promotional transactions by location and total dollar amount. This report can be run by individual or All market locations.

Product Activity Report: This report can be run by product group for all your market locations. Since product groups are associated to promotions this is a great way to track your promotional activity.

Promotion Logic

• The best value is used to determine which promotion to apply to cart/product for each market user based on products in the cart.
• Each product in any one order qualifies for only one promotion. If any one order has multiple promotions associated, then the who wins rule determines the promotion(s) to apply to each product.
• Applied promotion is based on the best value to the market user. Cart-level promotion does NOT automatically win.
• If a free product is redeemed, the other product-level discounts are still applied to qualifying products in the cart. You cannot use a free product redemption to qualify for other promotions (buy a Coke and chips for $2.50).
• Promotion start/end date is now set to the 12:00 AM local time for each kiosk. Recurring schedule overrides the default start/end time.
• Tax is calculated on the selling price of the taxable product.