Avanti - Adjusting Inventory Using the Inv Website

Start by logging into the inventory website The login username and password will be the same one you use for AMS.

Once logged in, a page will display all markets in your organization. Select the market you would like to inventory.

Avanti - Inventory Management - list of markets

Once the market is selected, you will have all your inventory options. 

Avanti - Inventory Management - list of inventory options

 Quick restock is used if you are adding products into the inventory.


Quick stale is used if you are scanning an item out if it is damaged or staled and can no longer be sold.


Physical inventory will be used if you are preforming a full inventory.  This is best used when scanning every product


Inventory Adjustment will be used for spot checking prodcuts.  In this mode, when a product is scanned it will give you all the differnt options for why the product was taken out or added.


The planogram feature is used for a full inventory for items only in your planogram.  Any items not assigned a spot in the planogram will not show up on that list.


No scan items will be used to inventory items that do not have a SKU to scan, such as fresh fruit.


Edit product can be used to adjust pricing as well as Min/max of a product.


Lastly, Not Inventoried Today, can be used after a complete inventory to fix discrepancies on any items that aren't physically in the market, but have a min and max, or an inventory.


You can also access the inventory adjustment option by simply scanning a product from this screen


Once you select an option, scan a product or select search by name to type in the product name to find it. Depending on what option you chose on the previous screen, you will be redirected to the inventory.  All scan screens will look similar to this.

Avanti - Inventory Management - Quick Restock - scancode

Make the adjustment and hit submit and repeat the process.  Once you have finished a full inventory, select Not Inventoried today, to complete the products you couldn't physically scan or count.